Sonic’s Pickle Juice Slush Is Here

OKLAHOMA CITY – Nothing says summer like a tall, bright green glass of semi-frozen pickle juice?

At least that’s what Sonic Drive-In is hoping when they roll out their tangy new slush flavor nationwide Monday.

If pickle isn’t your thing, Sonic is also launching some other summer-inspired Snow Cone Slush flavors.

“The entire Snow Cone Slush lineup – including Pickle Juice, Bahama Mama, Blue Hawaiian and Tiger’s Blood – has a distinctly summertime vibe, allowing our guests to create new summer memories,” said Scott Uehlein, Sonic’s vice president of product innovation and development, in a statement.

How Sonic customers will react seeing pickle juice next to blue raspberry, cherry, orange and the other standby flavors is anyone’s guess, but folks are already weighing in on Social Media.

The Pickle Juice Slush, along with the rest of the Snow Cone Slush flavors, can be enjoyed starting June 11 for half-price during happy hour.

To celebrate the Pickle Juice and other Snow Cone Slushes, SONIC is releasing a Snapchat lens that transforms users into an icy-cold Pickle Juice Slush world for a limited time from June 11 through July 29.

Find a Sonic Drive-In location near you HERE.


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