Tired of Robo Calls? Here’s How to Fight Back


They come into your phone by the dozen, it seems.

They're robo calls. The daily annoyance used by everyone from legitimate companies, to scam artists.

While there may be no way to eliminate them entirely, there are ways for you to at least cut back on the number you receive.

Start by signing on to the FTC's do not call list.

It's illegal to receive calls from telemarketers if you're on the list.

It's a good line of defense, but still, it doesn't get rid of all the calls.

There are apps to help you block calls from known robo-callers.

The "Mr. Number" app gets high marks, and it's available for both iPhones and Android devices.

And check with your wireless carrier.

Some offer help in cutting down on the number of robo calls to receive.

Also, make sure you know how to block numbers on you phone.

Another option, sign up for the FTC's scam alerts.

This will inform you of the current scams robo-callers are using.

So, what to do if you mistakenly pick up a robo call?

Experts say it's as simple as hang up the phone.

Don't press any numbers, as that may just lead to even more robo calls.


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