Celebrating ‘Senior’ Prom

SCRANTON, Pa. -- It's prom season no matter what season of life you're in.

Thursday was the "Linwood Senior Prom" at Linwood Nursing and Rehabilitation in Scranton.

"It was a lot of fun. I missed my prom," said resident Marion Wickel.

Marion is 101. When her senior prom rolled around in the mid-1930s, she couldn't go.

"My mother couldn't afford it, so I stayed home," she added.

77-year-old Carol Cacciatore remembers her senior prom at West Scranton High School.

"I had a date, my husband who I ended up marrying," Carol said.

Carol's husband has since passed away. Her date this time around is Marion. They're roommates. 24 years separate them, but not much else.

The pair led the dancing at Linwood's Senior Prom. It might not be the prom Marion expected all those years ago, but it was just as sweet.

It's never too late to put on a pretty dress and dance with your friends. These new-found friends are making it count.

"We start every day with a prayer, and that's how our day starts," Carol said.

"And we end with a prayer," added Marion.

Enjoying all of life's season is a prayer answered.

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