Life Uprooted in Lackawanna County

SCOTT TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When straight line winds ripped through Scott Township near Clarks Summit on Tuesday, they uprooted part of Lloyd Walker's family tree.

"My father-in-law and my brother-in-law planted them when he was a little boy, and they've all deceased from now (sic), now the trees are basically deceased," Walker said.

Five evergreens, each at least 50-years-old, came crashing down in the storm. None hit the house, so Walker considers himself lucky.

Walker's neighbors heard a crash of their own.

"To me, I thought it was a tornado. It just came, the sound, and this big crash, and I didn't know it was a tree on my roof besides the rest of the noise it made," said Margaret Messana.

This time, the tree didn't miss.

"Luckily, the house was really built good because boy there's a lot of pressure on that, a lot of pressure on that," Jerry Messana said of his roof. It was hit with a tree during the storm.

The Messanas collect Victorian-style decorations. The force of the tree's fall damaged a chandelier. They hope that's the worst of it.

Lloyd Walker said he's happy as long as long as he's still standing. And now, he has a new summer project cleaning up the evergreens.

"I am very grateful that they fell where they did and they didn't cause anything but inconvenience for me to clean up," he said.

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