Armed Bank Robbery Leads to Police Chase, Two in Custody

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Two people are in custody following a bank robbery and chase in Luzerne County. Troopers and a police officer from Plains Township had to pin the suspects' car against a barrier to get them to stop.

Troopers sped out of the parking lot at the Luzerne Bank in Plains Township around 1:30 p.m. Wednesday as word got around that the bank robbery suspects' vehicle was spotted on Route 309.

Taylor Perez works nearby and saw it all play out.

"Well, I was wondering what was going on, and somebody else said that the bank down the street got robbed and that they were on a police chase up the Cross Valley," Perez said.

A state police vehicle along with a Plains Township police car pinned the suspects' car against a barrier on Route 309 south in Plains Township to get them to stop.

Troopers said they found a gun and money from the robbery inside the car.

Route 309 south was shut down for about an hour while troopers took the suspects into custody.

Investigators said one Plains Township police officer was hurt in the wreck with neck pain. He was treated and released. One of the suspects was also hurt from the crash and is in the hospital.

State police are still investigating the armed robbery. There's no word when the two suspects will be arraigned.

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