Construction Causes Confusion near Polling Place

EXETER, Pa. -- Voters in one borough in Luzerne County had a bit of a tough time getting to the polls as construction near their polling place caused some issues.

The road work project on Memorial Street caused a lot of confusion. Some voters had to park blocks away to get to the only polling place in Exeter.

Pat Thomas and her granddaughter had to walk a few blocks just to get into the building. Other people like Mitchell DeAngelo took a while on some back streets to get a little closer.

"It was just a pain! My mom has to get back to work, and I have to get back to work, so it was just a hassle," said DeAngelo.

Election officials didn't want to talk to Newswatch 16 on camera but say this was a big miscommunication because Memorial Street is actually in West Pittston and the polling place is in Exeter, so they were never told about the project. Either way, people in West Pittston were happy the road is being fixed.

"It's been a mud hole. It's been a dust bowl. You name it. Nothing but potholes! I don't care if they did this on New Year's Day. We're happy that it's being done," said Danny Truskowski of West Pittston.

Contractors said they were letting some people though on the street that either needed to get home or go vote.

"I don't think they realized about the voting place. It was too late, and they already had their crew and equipment here," Truskowski added.

Elections officials say they just wish they knew about the paving project so they could have given voters a heads up.

Polling places are open until 8 p.m.

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