School Bus Driver Caught on Camera Yelling, Swearing at Student She Refuses to Let on Bus

LEHMAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Some disturbing video posted on Facebook appears to show a school bus driver refusing to allow a student from boarding the bus, then yelling a profanity at him.

That student is 16-year-old Nicholas Hancock, a sophomore at Lake-Lehman High School.

Cell phone video shows a confrontation between a school bus driver and a student outside the bus.

Hancock is attempting to get on to the bus.

The Lake-Lehman sophomore and the driver begin to argue when the driver refuses to let him on.

“You are getting a ride,” said the driver to Nicholas, who says something back but can’t be heard.

“I don't give a [expletive] what you do. You are not getting on this bus,” responses the driver, shutting the door.

Nicholas says he's had problems with that driver since she took over his route two years ago.

Nicholas typically waits inside his grandmother's house for his bus each morning.

“When I hear the bus or see it, I would walk out, it would take me probably 30 seconds and next thing you know she's just right by [my stop],” said Nicholas.

Robin Good is the parent of Nicholas's friends.

She says Nicholas has to chase after the bus and tries to get on at the next stop.

“She's bullying him, she's bullying him, he chases the bus down the road, she doesn't let him on,” said Good.

Nicholas says that's what happened the day the video was shot.

“So this time I actually grabbed onto the handle because I had enough, I had enough of her just flying past me,” said Nicholas. “I said like, I need to get to school for my education and that`s when she brought up the s-word and like I don't give a.”

According to the Back Mountain Transit Company's website, it operates the buses for the Lake-Lehman School District. It holds the buses roughly two miles away from the district.

At the end of the video, students are heard saying the driver won't let Nicholas on.

Nicholas storms off dropping an expletive of his own.

“He's wanting to get on the bus and she wouldn`t let him on,” said an unknown student as Nicholas is heard swearing as he walks away.

“I kind of let the f-bomb go, which I didn't really mean to, I apologize for that, for saying that,” said Nicholas.

Newswatch 16 tried several times to reach out to the superintendent and other school officials as well as the Back Mountain Transit Company but did not get a response from any of the parties.

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