Thinking Spring

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP -- Planting season at Shaffer Landscapes and Nursery near Middleburg is in full swing. That was evident as crews prepared to move a Turkish Filbert Tree.

Garden Center Manager Bonnie Long says the tree will be displayed in the garden center for spring.

"It's for sale, but we'll also use it for shade for other plants around it," Bonnie Long said.

While much of northeastern Pennsylvania is preparing for more snow, the worst of the storm is expected to miss the central part of the state. Many people out this way aren't even thinking about snow.

Shaffer Landscapes and Nursery does projects all year round, but a lot of things get started this time of year.

"We started going out, cleaning things up, pruning stuff for them and just really starting to get ready for people to think spring," Lacey Dupert said.

Many of the plants go into the greenhouses during the winter months. Crews are almost ready to bring them outside.

"We're moving things. A lot of these are going to go to the garden center area. Things will be replanted and organized," Long said.

The crew is not only thinking spring. They do still have snow on their minds.

"On top of preparing for our stuff for spring, we're trying to preparing for this snow removal as well," Dupert said.

"They'll go from this if it snows and jump right into the trucks and be ready to roll to take care of the snow," Long said.

And they're hoping it's the last time this season.

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