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Suspected Meth Lab Bust in Jersey Shore

JERSEY SHORE -- Authorities busted a suspected meth lab in Lycoming County.

DEA agents along with the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police Department were at the place on Wylie Street in Jersey Shore around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Investigators have not said if any arrests have been made.

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    You think its bad there, Relocate down south, the skook is a beautiful place. You can visit historic Pottsville, visit yuengling brewery, eat custom cheese sandwiches while posting on facebook about high school sports all day. There is also a train station without a real train available for tours. Then you could take the scenic route 54 corridor tour through the drug invested, fire trapping row home loving towns of Tamaqua, Mahanoy city, Shenandoah, Girardville and Ashland ending with a tour of Centralia. The Shenandoah suburbs of william penn and lost creek are the most posh. Just stay away from frackville street roamers can be strange.

  • Sad Times

    Sick of Dopers ruining these once nice little towns ! Man these big city’s really are slick, they way they palmed off all their addicts, and dealers to these Nortch Central towns and area’s the last 25+ years

    • JessicaInWilliamsport

      So there’s no chance whatsoever that these are “native” meth heads? LOL Let’s not forget all these “nice little towns” have always had their drunks…. nice indeed….. *eyeroll*

      • Traci

        She was a local, as far as i know she has been in Jersey Shore all her life so this was not someone who came from philly or somewhere else to ruin our little town. She was “native”

      • Obamasupporter

        tremont, hegins, tower city – found to be great places by urban drug rings. Cheap structures for stash houses, manufacturing, and hideouts. Small time, uneducated, lazy local cops are too incompetent to detect operators. System of distribution to and from cities.

    • MOTR

      Having been born and raised in Jersey Shore in the 70s and 80s, this type activity was unheard of, let alone all the other crime that is taking place. From Lock Haven to Williamsport, it was safe and you felt secure. Then came the state sponsored mad rush of ‘immigration’ in the 90s into the Williamsport area from Philly and other urban areas, and everything started going to sh!t.

    • Taco Salad

      Meth doesn’t come from the city. It’s homegrown from years of decline and people putting their heads in the sand.
      Cops are too busy putting people in dire circumstances over petty stuff, that it escalates to making an income and finding a release any way you can.
      We have our own oppressive society of “law and order” to thank for this disorder. Not the violence from Philly.