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Restaurant Offering Free Food as an Apology After ‘Homophobic’ Posts

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- Food and Wings restaurant near Stroudsburg is offering free food Tuesday and Wednesday for customers after the owner posted comments viewed as homophobic on the restaurant's Facebook page.

The controversy started last week after a customer posted a food review on the business's Facebook page.

The Facebook page for Food and Wings has since been deleted and when Newswatch 16 stopped by, employees told us the owner would not be in.

Employees say the free food is the owner's way of apologizing to the community with the hope that they can put this online controversy behind them.

Anyone picking up food or eating in at Food and Wings near Stroudsburg didn't have to pay for their meals on Tuesday.

Logan Hatch, a chef at the place in Stroud Township, says the free food Tuesday and Wednesday is an apology to customers and community members after the owner of the business made what many called hateful comments on the restaurant's Facebook page last week.

"We are doing free lunches for the next two days due to insensitive and homophobic remarks made by the owner on Facebook. I am here to try and mend the situation a little bit," Hatch said.

Hatch says the controversy started last week after a customer posted on the restaurant's Facebook page claiming he found hair in his food.

The owner of Food and Wings replied to the review with comments viewed as homophobic.

The Facebook page has since been deleted, but owner Jason Kishel posted an apology before the page was taken down.

Employees say they don't know if or when the owner will be back in, and Newswatch 16 could not get in touch with him.

Even though the owner has apologized on Facebook and to some of his employees, some customers believe he should be here apologizing in person.

"I don't appreciate what I have been hearing, what the owner has been doing. Honestly, if you have opinions like that, I don't know what you should be doing with it other than don't voice it," said Johnathan Jackson of Bushkill.

"It's bad that the community tries to come together with all the political and everything else that is going on today that one of our business owners end up doing this to anyone really. Hopefully, the guy will change his mind and make a public apology to everyone," said Justin Buckman of Henryville.

"I feel bad for coming in and eating because I don't support it and I wouldn't come back in and pay for more food. I don't believe the actions were correct," said Ryan Gavin of Bartonsville.

Employees at Food and Wings say they plan to give free meals again on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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