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Scranton Police Warn of Man Exposing Himself to Children

SCRANTON — Scranton police are issuing an urgent warning for people living in the city’s hill section.

Investigators say two separate groups of children were walking in the 700 block of North Webster Avenue the mornings of Friday and Saturday last week.

They reported seeing a man in a red car following them as he seemed to be circling the block.

On both days, police say the man then got out of his car and exposed himself, with the victims reporting the man’s pants were pulled low.

Nick Jones is a sixth grader at Northeast Intermediate School and says a lot of kids walk to school here.

“Me and my friends walk,” said Jones, pointing at some houses. “One lives over there. One lives down the street.”

The white man is described as being average height, weighing around 220 pounds. He appeared to be balding but did have some brown hair.

The car he was driving appears to be a red Ford Taurus possibly an early 2000s model with a spoiler on the back.

“It’s good that someone called the police and they’re doing something about it,” said parent Dominick Scartelli.

Anyone who saw or sees a car matching that description is asked to call the Scranton Police Detectives Unit at 570-348-4139.

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