Scranton Crews Battling Pothole Problems

SCRANTON -- It's been a roller coaster winter, and while you may not have been able to keep up, the streets of Scranton are having trouble, too. Yes, it's officially pothole season.

"They're horrible," said Greg Palmer. "Every time I turn around, I'm hitting something. You move to hit three and you end up hitting four more."

With quiet weather, at least for now, the city of Scranton has crews out cold patching potholes in an effort to make your commute a little less of a headache.

"My commute to work is pretty much day to day, in and out, weaving, watching potholes in the ground," said Anthony Tucker.

"You just swerve around, like you're playing Mario Kart, and you hope for the best," said Jason Andidora.

One city patch crew was focused on Meridian Avenue in west Scranton, a spot crews say has some of the bigger potholes.

The city plans to have one to two crews five days a week, weather permitting. During a normal week, crews will use about 30 tons of material to patch the craters.

"I think that's a good thing to do, but it doesn't stay long because as soon as the next snowfall comes, we're back to square one," Palmer added.

Cold patch is a temporary repair until the spring when crews can permanently fill the holes. It's a quick fix that could help save your car and your wallet from serious damage.

Drivers say living in northeastern Pennsylvania almost automatically means budgeting for pothole damage during the winter season.

"Living in Pennsylvania, it's always around this time, bam, pothole, pothole, car repairs," Tucker said.

Most blacktop plants open in the spring and that's when crews make the more permanent repairs.

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