Making Faces at the Everhart

SCRANTON -- A new art exhibit at the Everhart Museum in Scranton features some pretty well-known faces from a caricature artist who's been creating portraits for magazines for decades.

When you walk into this exhibit at the Everhart Museum in Scranton, there are 100-some familiar faces staring back at you.

There are comedians, Hollywood icons, U.S. presidents, and more.

The man behind these portraits and the "Making Faces" exhibit is John Kascht.

"It's very unusual for me to see all this on the walls," Kascht said. "None of it was made for galleries. It was made for a purpose -- publications and posters."

From his home in Wayne County, Kascht has created portrait after portrait of the newsmakers, celebrities who are, in many ways, larger than life.

"Making Faces" is making quite the impression on visitors at the museum.

David Winsock of Exeter was taken by Kascht's FDR and others.

"It's amazing the way their unique features are exaggerated. As soon as I saw Bill Murray I had to come up here," Winsock said.

Each portrait took up to a few days to finish and Kascht picked roughly 100 of his favorites for the exhibit. Because there are so many well-known people on these walls, the museum's curator believes it's a way to bring more people in to appreciate them.

"I think these are all people who have painted on the cultural landscape in a way, you get to learn about them the same time you're learning about his art," said Nezka Pfeifer.

"I've for 30 years been sitting in my room drawing, so it kind of forces me to get out. I love seeing it in the gallery. It's really fun," Kascht said.

This entire exhibit--all 100 faces--will be on display at the Everhart Museum until the first week of May. Then John and the faces will go on a tour of the country.

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