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Armed Robber Holds up Bank in Wayne County; Steals Teller’s Car

LAKE TOWNSHIP -- State police are investigating an armed bank robbery in Wayne County.

Troopers confirmed NBT Bank on Lake Ariel Highway in Lake Township was robbed around 3:30 p.m. Monday.

State police say the surveillance pictures from inside NBT Bank of Lake Ariel tell the story: a tall white man wearing what look like pajama pants and a long beige coat, carrying a long gun.

State police say he used the weapon to rob the place, shoving money into a reusable shopping bag. Then, troopers say he asked who owned the blue vehicle in the parking lot. The bank teller told him it was hers. He demanded the keys and sped off.

"When I first heard about it, I locked my doors. Just in case, it's been robbed a couple times in the past, I know that, so it's not totally surprising,” said Bob Kimble of Lake Township.

It all happened in broad daylight.

"My son gets off the bus at 3:25 so it happened like within minutes. I had my camera. We have a garage in the back so I was going to review the tape and see if there's anything helpful for them to have," said Emily Martinkovitch of Lake Township.

Troopers say the stolen vehicle is a 2017 bluish grey Toyota RAV4, with Gaelic writing on the back window.

"It's definitely a terrifying thing. I mean, you never know what can happen and being just even local businesses walking around, you never know what can happen. Go to that bank once, twice a week sometimes and it's just scary to know it can happen to anybody,” said Heather Butler of Sterling Township.

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