Man in Custody Following Standoff in Scranton

SCRANTON -- Police surrounded a home in Scranton after investigators say shots were fired and a man with a gun wouldn't come out.

Investigators tell Newswatch 16 Richard Winn threatened his wife and daughter as well as his neighbor. At some point, shots were fired.

There was a heavy police presence at Hickory Street and Pittston Avenue around 3 p.m. Sunday. Officers had guns drawn and closed off the block where Winn was holed up inside his home for more than an hour.

Eventually, police were able to take Winn into custody.

According to court papers, the whole incident stemmed from a domestic argument over an addiction to opiates.

Arrest papers go on to say Winn got into a fight with his neighbor, and when they fell down some stairs, that's when police moved in.

"The alley was cut off and the whole avenue and you could see through the alley that the whole next street over was blocked off," said Mary Kay Maldonato of Scranton. "At one point, there were gunshots, so my husband and I ran in the house. No time to be a gawker."

No one was badly hurt during the standoff, just minor injuries to officers responding to the call.

Police tell us Winn's wife and daughter are OK, and so is the neighbor.

Winn has been charged and at last check was undergoing a mental health evaluation.

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