Husband Locked Up for Shooting Wife in the Back

CARBONDALE -- A woman is expected to survive after she was shot in the back Thursday night in Lackawanna County.

Police and ambulances rushed to Dundaff Street in Carbondale just before 10 p.m. after a husband shot his wife in the back.

Stanley Dombroski now faces a long list of charges including attempted homicide.

Dombroski told investigators his wife punched him in the face while he was sleeping and he threw her to the ground.

They argued and officers say he fired at the woman when she opened a door.

She was hit in the back and ran barefoot into the snow.

When police showed up, she told them her nine-year-old son was still in the house. That's when the swat team was called in.

Dombroski eventually surrendered. He's locked up in Lackawanna County.

The child wasn't hurt and the woman is expected to survive after the shooting in Lackawanna County.

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