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Icy Start to the Day

LEWISBURG -- With more than three inches of snow falling this week, Lewisburg was a winter wonderland. But this wasn't light, fluffy snow that's easy to brush off cars. This is the type of storm you wanted to shovel out as early as possible. For those of us who couldn't, it was an icy mess.

Take Mac and Lisa Scott for example. They spent their morning digging out and cleaning off their cars.

"How long have you been working at it?"

"Ahhh, about 40 minutes," Mac said.

The ice chunks were about four inches thick and heavy.

"You can't break through the ice from up top and of course there's glass under here I don't want to wreck. Actually, the snow is softer underneath so if you get into a groove here, you can work it and take it off in sheets," Mac said.

After some people, like Aidan Harrison of Lewisburg, cleared off their cars and tried to leave, they got stuck.

"So, yesterday, we had to shovel twice, one before it froze, and one after it froze, so that was a very good time. And this is the aftermath? Yeah of trying to get my car out," Harrison said.

Once the vehicles got out, they needed somewhere to park.

"I don't want anyone to slip and fall," Maryanne Hudson said.

Maryanne Hudson's daughter and son-in-law own Lewisburg Community Pharmacy.

"I came here for a quick visit and I saw there was some ice that needed to be shoveled up so that's what I'm here doing," Hudson said.

Newswatch 16's meteorologists are forecasting a warm up this weekend, so folks here are hoping the ice melts soon.

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