Eagles Fan Gets Trick Play Tattooed on His Arm

LANCASTER, Pa. - Oh, you got yourself a commemorative t-shirt to celebrate the Eagles' Super Bowl win?

That's cool.

One Lancaster County man decided to go with a memento that's a little more permanent, according to WPMT.

Matt Ranauro went to Dreams Collide Tattoo in Lancaster and ordered up a 'Philly Special', according to LancasterOnline.

The tattoo is a diagram of the play the Eagles ran on fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line late in the first half of their 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Ranuro posted a picture of his new ink on Facebook.

In the play, quarterback Nick Foles lined up over the right tackle while pretending to yell out an audible. The snap went directly to running back Corey Clement, who ran left and flipped the ball to tight end Trey Burton.

Burton, a former quarterback, reversed field to the right and threw a pass to Foles, who had slipped into the end zone and was wide open.


After the game, the Eagles said the play was called "The Philly Special."

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