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Winter Storm Lingers with Slush, Ice

CATAWISSA -- First came the snow, then came the sleet and rain, and finally the freezing weather.

In Columbia County, Wednesday’s winter storm was tough to take.

"Everything is a ready wet and with all the back roads, I think it's gonna be nothing but an ice patch,” said Alicia Holingshead of Catawissa.

At Vito's Pizza in Catawissa, the owner said this weather hurt his bottom line.

"Nobody wants to go out, especially with this ice here on the floor, you know? People afraid and we're afraid of the deliveries, too, you know? We don't want to take a chance to go out,” said owner Alfredo Clemente of Catawissa.

Students in Southern Columbia missed school time because of the slushy, slippery conditions, but this blast of winter was a welcome one for some.

"It's been fun actually because we have a lot of snow plows working all the time, so we can get out into our yard anyway, play a little bit,” said Raven Pease of Catawissa.

"It's the perfect weather to make a snowman and snow angels, I made a snow angel and snowman already,” said 4-year-old Flint Voelcker of Catawissa.

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