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Bus Routes to Lock Haven Planned

LOCK HAVEN -- River Valley Transit in Williamsport has announced it's expanding its reach into Clinton County. The transportation company will be adding bus routes to Lock Haven.

He's been studying at Lock Haven University for six years, but grad student Matt Guiod hasn't had a chance to explore much of central Pennsylvania.

"I have some friends with cars, but I hate bumming rides off them, especially going anywhere outside of Lock Haven," Guiod said.

Guiod won't have to rely on friends for much longer. River Valley Transit is expanding its reach into Clinton County.

By the end of the month, the transportation company based in Williamsport will add two new routes between Billtown and Lock Haven.

"I think I will definitely use it a couple of times just to go to Williamsport, see the shops they have there," Guiod said.

"Initially, I was surprised we didn't have one already. I knew we didn't have one, but I thought there was something."

The $300,000 project is funded partially through a grant from PennDOT.

Lock Haven University student Lauren Damiano plans to use the new bus service to go to the Lycoming Mall about an hour away.

"College kids don't always have the most money to do things like that. Even if you go to the mall and don't really shop, you still get out of Lock Haven for a little bit," Damiano said.

With the new bus routes, not only will Lock Haven University students be able to travel into Williamsport, according to River Valley Transit, students will ride for free.

The bus trip will also be free for many senior citizens and for people looking to catch a ride to work at First Quality in Clinton County.

Bill Nichols tells Newswatch 16 riders will be able to find out where buses are going through the company's website and on the myStop Mobile app.

The new routes are set to begin February 20.

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