Pearl Theatre in the Schuylkill Mall Will Close on Monday

NEW CASTLE TOWNSHIP -- The Pearl Theatre at the Schuylkill Mall is closing is closing on Monday.

Jennifer Teter of Ringtown decided to spend her Thursday afternoon watching a movie at the Pearl Theatre. Teter is watching one of the last movies the theater will show. It just announced it's closing.

"It's the one place to go in the area," Teter said. "Now that it's going to be gone, there's not really much here to do anymore."

The Pearl Theater has been open at the Schuylkill Mall for about six years. During that time, it was renovated to add more theaters, including ones for VIP and even a bar.

Back in May when the mall announced it was closing and would be demolished, the theater management decided to remain open for its customers as long as they could. However, now the managers say, it's time to close up.

"It's just starting to sink in," the theater's general manager Zachary Gilbert said. "It's sad. This is a beautiful place here and, I guess, the only good thing about it is just the feedback from the community."

Even though the mall announced it was closing several months ago, the movie theater manager tells Newswatch 16 his business has been steady.

"Surprisingly, for us, we've actually still been pretty busy. During the week from Christmas to New Years, we were slammed up here. It was good to see."

Theater management said they do not know when the mall will be torn down.

Teter said the most disappointing thing about the theater closing is that her only options for movies will be to head out of Schuylkill County and go to Hazleton or toward Reading.

"It's local," Teter said. "Prices are great. Friends and family live close. It's just a fun place and it's nice to know where your kids are going when they go to the movies and you know they're not traveling far."

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