Cats Overloading Shelter in the Poconos

STROUD TOWNSHIP -- The recent cold snap has created a cat overload at AWSOM Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg.

Directors say more than 50 cats, some in really bad shape, have been dropped off.

"A lot of cats are coming in with respiratory issues, frostbite, and some are worse. Bree we took in and she's in pretty bad shape. We are hoping and praying that everything works out for her," said Lisa Pearson, AWSOM shelter supervisor.

Bree was brought to the shelter with half of her ear missing.  Her fur is also very matted.

The Wellness Center veterinary technician says this winter has been brutal for animals and workers who have to care for them.

"It's especially difficult when we have to rely on volunteers and limited staff. Everyone is working really hard to make sure all of these animals are well taken care of," said Melissa Cozze, veterinary technician.

During this cold snap, cats have been coming in daily. In fact, two were brought in before these doors even opened, including one who was brought in with frostbite on his ears and toes.

Directors say it's difficult to see these animals suffer and they are doing all they can to help.

"We are trying to take every stray cat in that we possibly can. Unfortunately, right now, we are asking people if they have surrenders, to just keep them home for a little bit. We will help them once we can, but right now the influx of stray cats is putting us over the top," said Pearson.

Shelter directors say if you have stray cats near you, try to put out mini shelters for them and fill the space with straw.

It will help trap heat during these cold winter months.

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