Montrose Pizza Shop Owner Plans to Rebuild After Fire

MONTROSE -- A pizza shop in Montrose that was destroyed by fire over the weekend will be rebuilt.

"It was the most horrifying thing to see," OIP Pizza owner Max Amato said.

Amato was there watching his business of more than two decades burn.

"Feels like I lost one of my kids," Amato said.

The restaurant caught fire Saturday night. Amato said the cause was electrical and started in one of the building's upstairs apartments. Since the fire, the family has been trying to recover from the loss.

"It's been hectic," Amato said. "We've been in a cloud. To wrap my mind around everything, it's tough."

Amato plans to rebuild the restaurant. In the meantime, he doesn't want to deprive his loyal customers. While Amato rebuilds, he will be opening a temporary location on Grow Avenue in Montrose. He said it will take about six weeks to get it up and running.

"We're coming back stronger," Amato said. "We're going to rebuild. For now, we're temporarily going to put a small place up, and with the help of God, we're going to prevail."

Amato and his family said their faith is not the only thing getting them through this tough time, but also the support of the community and one another.

Amato's aunt, Carol Amato, lived in one of the upstairs apartments and was at home when the fire started.

"We lost 99 percent of our worldly goods upstairs, but we feel so thankful and grateful and blessed. So many people are contacting us to say, 'What do you need?'" Carol Amato said.

Amato believes it will take about six months to rebuild the restaurant.

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