Locals React to Sheetz Using Blue Lights to Deter Drug Use

POTTSVILLE -- A Sheetz in Western Pennsylvania is using blue lights in its bathrooms to deter drug use.

"I think it's kind of weird that you walk inside a bathroom and see blue lights in it," Paul Nguyen of Pottsville said. "But, to each its own, I guess."

A Sheetz in Westmoreland County near Pittsburgh teamed up with local police to install blue lights in their bathrooms. It's a tactic the gas station is trying to prevent drug use in their bathrooms.

A Sheetz spokesperson said these lights can make it difficult for drug addicts to find their veins while they`re inside.

"I thought it was a good idea for them to use blue lights so that won't happen," Tamika Bryan of Pottsville said.

Newswatch16 stopped in at a Sheetz in Pottsville to ask people what they thought of the idea. Some of the people we talked to say they're disappointed that these types of measures have to be taken to combat drug use.

"Some things you, first of all, shouldn't be doing," Bryan said. "Let alone doing it in a public bathroom. That's not right."

A spokesperson from Sheetz said this location is testing out the lights and that they do not know if any other Sheetz will be getting them. Many of the people we spoke with said they don't think these lights are needed in our area.

"I I haven't heard of any issues about it here," Nguyen said. "Especially at Sheetz. So, I think it would deter a lot of customers away especially walking into a bathroom with blue lights.

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