Police: Suspect in Schuylkill County Shooting Tried to Kill His Wife

UNION TOWNSHIP -- Investigators are releasing more information about a shooting Tuesday night in Schuylkill County.

Steven Brobst, 62, of Weston, will spend Thanksgiving behind bars. He is charged with attempted homicide. State police say he shot his wife in the back of the head.

This all happened at the Shenandoah Fish & Game Protective Association club outside Ringtown.

According to court papers, Brobst walked into the club and shot his wife Diane as she was sitting at the bar.

The documents say he then tried to turn the gun on himself, but it was jammed.

Two other people in the bar tackled Brobst to the ground, getting the gun away from him.

"I was shocked. I mean, so close to Thanksgiving, it's not right that that should've happened," said Weston resident Jim Rebarchak.

State police have not released a motive for the shooting.

Newswatch 16 wanted to learn more about the couple, so we went to where they live in Weston.

We spoke to many people off camera who knew the Brobsts and say they are shocked by what happened.

And many people like Jim Rebarchak say they are very familiar with the Shenandoah Fish & Game club and can't believe something like this happened there.

"Very surprised. I never expected it. You never know what's going to happen today anyway," Rebarchak said.

Steven Brobst is charged with attempted homicide among other charges.

There is no word on Diane Brobst's condition.


  • In a galaxy far far away

    You think he was trying to kill her?………….No way! He stuck a loaded gun to her head and pulled the trigger. He was just funnin!

  • Charlie LeDuff

    Anybody want to move to Detroit? Our drinking water is flammable and most of our politicians are in jail for sex or money crimes. Seems like it could be a walk in the park for most of you. Search Charlie LeDuff golfs across Detroit if you want to see what is coming to a town. near. you.

  • Archie Beal

    I believe the United States government should take the example of England…you don’t see this type of nonsensical firearm violence taking place in that country…and you certainly don’t see or hear it occurring in countries such as China, Russia , France, Germany, Japan or any major country. Why? Because people in this country take everything for granted and feel they have a sense of entitlement…maybe the US needs to emulate these other countries when it comes to firearm laws…something needs to be done

    • finger

      B8 much? Should have mentioned Australia in 1996 and the guns with ammunition produced from scratch in the Philippines that only go into the hands of actual criminals, every day, to this day. If you want to get your message across, don’t troll so often. If I misread what you are doing? Switch the title to “stab” instead of “shot” and lets concentrate on what creates these idiots that purvey violence in our society instead of what means they choose.

    • Cockmam

      Archie your are 100% correct. They only use knives and trucks to run ppl over to their deaths. Hopefully they ban knives and vehicles to stop the madness!!

  • finger

    Somebody gets shot in the head, and then you read the previous comments made out of personal gratitude. Anybody out there realize it is not the wild world we should be wary of, but the people in it? Even though I know that the odds are against most people in that circumstance, I hope she makes it through. Where are your thoughts when your heart gets broken or your life nearly ended? Victimize everybody else? Perfect pouting hero’s taking the platform to express their own shortcomings instead of being part of a community that matters. Your comments are ‘fart noises’ in that aspect.

  • Archie Beal

    Another fine example as to why firearms need to be totally banned and taken from the everyday person in society….law enforcement and military should be the only people to possess…It appears I constantly see negative incidents where firearms are misused in society and I always bring it to attention….it is odd all of you gun advocates can seldom to never demonstrate as to where they are used in a positive way…again they need to be removed and taken away completely . Enough is enough already…you so called gun nuts are jokes…and the NRA is an absolutely useless organization! Again what joke already

    • Correctional Officer

      It’s my right to bare arms an I will always carry. It’s no the guns that are killing but the people who squeeze the trigger. Not all people who own a gun are going out to use on another person, yes it is a shame that people are dying because of the act of another is wrong but why take away the rights of American citizens that we are entitled to have. When I’m carrying I promise I wont shoot you or your loved ones but if happens to be needed to protect you and your oved ones while out one day I will

  • Missed opportunities

    Seriously, this guy was missing his calling. With that mug, there is no end to villain or henchmen characters he could have played.

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