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Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Feast With This Hot Cheetos Turkey Recipe


Tired of that same old Thanksgiving turkey recipe?  Well, the folks at Reynolds Kitchens have some flavor-blasted recipes that are sure to spice things up!

One of these recipes seems to be catching the eye of many on social media – the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos breaded turkey.

The good thing is, you don’t have to ‘wing’ it, Reynold’s website has step-by-step instructions.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos not your jam?  Reynolds also has recipes for onion-flavored and ranch-flavored birds.

As you might expect, reaction online has been mixed.

If you give these recipes a try, we’d love to see how they turned out!  Use the ‘submit’ button below to share your photos with us.

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  • warningfakenews

    Well, if they aren’t selling nearly as many for the game on Thanksgiving, maybe they’ll sell a few extra bags this way.

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