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Crash Kills Days Later; Family Remembers

PECKVILLE -- A prominent businessman from Lackawanna County has died more than a week after being critically hurt in a crash.

Ken Santarelli's family told Newswatch 16 their loss is also a loss to Lackawanna County's Mid Valley.

Black bunting hung Wednesday outside Pop-Pop's Mini Mart in memory of the man who dreamed up the convenient market in Peckville all to grow his family's decades-old business: Santarelli & Sons Oil.

Ken Santarelli died Tuesday, about a week and a half after a devastating car crash. Santarelli's Ferrari lost control on Gino Merli Drive in Peckville on November 6.

His family called him the brains of the operation at Santarelli & Sons. He started Pop-Pop's next door to honor his late father.

Now missing their dad as well, Ken's three daughters wanted to talk to Newswatch 16 about what their dad meant to them.

"He would always say to help people, and treat them how you would want to be treated," said 12-year-old Morriah Santarelli.

Morriah, and 18-year-old twins Mia and Maria, remembered their dad's life of service - giving of his time and his money.

"He always wanted to make other people happy. He dedicated his time at work to make sure he supported his kids as best as possible," Mia said.

They recalled how they worked with their dad in 2013 to bring Miss Pennsylvania to our area and, with her, donate hundreds of books to children's agencies.

"He was always thinking about doing something to improve the area," said Ken's uncle, Robert Fiorelli.

Fiorelli didn't break from his routine Wednesday, stopping for coffee at his nephew's store. He says his daily stop, the business, and the community it's in will never be the same.

"He was everything. He was quite the boy. He really knew how to run a business. He was fantastic. We're really going to miss him. I don't know what my family is going to do without him," Fiorelli said.


  • Ar-15chie

    Please forgive Archie he’s a retroactive abortion that needs to go back to the free clinic for proper disposal

  • scuderia

    I didn’t know this gentleman, but he sounds like he was a very decent person and after reading previous comments- it seems like he had a medical event that led to this sad occurrence. This has happened before with people crashing into houses or running off of the road with no shaming, so some of these comments are a reflection of how ugly this world really is. Just because he had the will and intelligence to capture a way of life that you cannot? My condolences to the family and friends. It is sad when any good people leave this world. Certain folks only see their own misery when throwing judgment at others’ misfortunes however. Don’t let it bring you down, celebrate life every day.

  • Archie Beal

    People it us a very simple concept…slow the he’ll down …dont drive like an idiot and there is a very good chance you won’t be able to become a statistic…very simple

    • 🤔

      Boy, can’t control your diarrhea of the mouth can you? Do us all a favor and be quiet. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all!

    • Lorrie

      I just want to add that the gentleman who died in this crash suffered a stroke behind the wheel causing him to lose control.

  • Paul

    I was at the brewhouse getting ready to go home when I saw a car flying straight up main st heading to Eynon. He was flying. I heard a loud bang. Next thing u know first responders were they. I saw him speeding with my own eyes.

  • Archie Beal

    It’s the truth…I guess your like the majority of the people in society…dont like to face reality and accept responsibility…there is always an excuse!

    • 🤔

      Good God Archie, have a little compassion. This family has lost a husband, a father, a nephew, an uncle. How would you feel if someone said that about one of your loved ones? Everyone makes mistakes, including you. I pray nothing ever happens to someone in your family. I also pray that God blesses Ken’s family and to give them strength and peace at this horrible time in the name of Jesus , Amen!

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