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Nanticoke Man Dies After Alleged Kidnapping, Beating

LUZERNE COUNTY -- Charles Eget, known as Charlie, had a heart of gold. Family and friends say the 64 year old from Nanticoke would help anyone in need. State police say that generous spirit led to his death.

On October 20, Eget was outside D's Diner in Plains Township when a man approached and asked him for a ride.

Eget was a regular at the diner.

"He was a nice guy. I guess he was retired. He came in here all the time. He just was a nice guy,” said Dan DeMellier of D’s Diner.

Troopers say Bradley Butler of Scranton asked Eget for a ride, and when he saw a police car, he panicked because he was wanted for a parole violation.

In court papers, Butler told state police he attacked Eget, made him get in the back seat of the vehicle, and took over driving.

Eventually, Butler got into a hit-and-run crash with a van and when Eget got upset, troopers say Butler viciously beat the man with his fists and feet, a lug wrench, and a log.

Butler says he then stuffed Eget in the trunk of the car and drove until the vehicle broke down on Interstate 78 in Lebanon County.

He called a tow truck and told the driver he "thought there was a dead body in the trunk.”

This weekend, Eget died from his injuries.

"It's a damn shame. You can't even help anybody these days without worrying. I mean, the man was just helping somebody out and giving him a ride and he ended up getting beaten up and he died,” said Tim Humphrey of Wilkes-Barre.

Some people we spoke with say because of what happened, they are thinking twice before they ever help anyone again.

"Absolutely, (it would) make me think twice. I've offered people rides before, but maybe that's the wrong thing to do anymore. It's scary,” said Tom Bowman of Plains Township.

"We help people a lot here and you just don't expect that to happen to you,” said DeMellier.

State police expect to charge Butler with homicide.

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