VA Medical Center Honors Veterans

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- Veterans and civilians alike held hands over hearts Thursday at the Wilkes-Barre VA Medical Center as Taps was played.

For World War II Army veteran Ralph Capristo, the ceremony reminds him that his fallen friends are not forgotten.

"I walked from Belgium to Berlin. Only two of us made it out, out of 32. I can't hold back tears," he said.

The ceremony also brought Jeanine Wolcyzk to tears. Her father served in the air force in World War II.

"Teary-eyed, the tribute, to see these fellas here, what they have gone through and continue to go through is heartwarming," Wolcyzk said.

Veterans say the VA shows its support all year round.

Marine veteran Dave Eisele was seriously hurt while he was training to go overseas, causing a severe limp. But doctors at the center treated him with a spinal cord stimulator and now he can walk upright again.

"My family was amazed because it was like, 'wow, you're not walking with a limp anymore. What is going on?' It's thanks to the doctors here and the new technology out there," Eisele said.

Capristo says there are just two hopes -- that the sacrifices of all veterans will be remembered and that peace will come in the future.

"You never forget. I can't forget all of my friends they got killed. I hope that we can straighten everything out in the east and we don't get involved in another war."

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