Talkback 16: Trooper Shot, Employee Theft, Robbery Spree

Topics in this edition of Talkback 16 include the shooting of a state trooper, an employee who stole half a million dollars from a convenience store, and the man accused of several robberies while on drugs.


  • Jeff

    The person that drove bye the troopers with remark I’m Glade I didn’t stop now if people had stopped maybe outcome would have been different. So tried of people jumping on band wagon I’ll back police till the time comes to do it

  • Dave

    What an “unintelligent” remark about the shooting of a State Trooper and Blaming the Gov for this happening. Like they don’t have the right to defend themselves. Let me guess that guy is a Trumter who has not a clue. Why do we allow dumb people to vote? You should have to take and intelligence Test and at least make a D to vote cause with that remark that guy gets an F!!!!

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