School Closings And Delays

Trooper Shooting Sparks Fear

BETHLEHEM -- The shooting of a Pennsylvania State Police corporal during a traffic stop has gained attention statewide.

People in Lehigh County can't believe the series of events that transpired.

The Pennsylvania State Police corporal that was shot multiple times underwent surgery Tuesday afternoon at St. Luke's Hospital near Bethlehem. Police said he was in critical, but stable condition Tuesday night.

What started as a routine traffic stop just before 11 a.m. Tuesday on Route 33 in Plainfield Township resulted with a state police corporal critically wounded and fighting for his life after being shot multiple times by a man who is now in custody.

According to online court documents, Daniel Clary, 22, of Effort, was charged in connection with the shooting.

News of the shooting spread quickly throughout the area and some people are growing more and more concerned about the continuing issue of gun violence in America. One person Newswatch 16 spoke with said, "There's no regard for human life anymore."

Others are just stunned about the incident that has sent shockwaves throughout the state.

"It's insane that people are just thinking it's OK to shoot up people in the first place and that man obviously deserves to be in custody because of what he did," said Laisa Gibson of Harrisburg.

"People are just out here shooting official officers. I don't want to live in this country, like that is just crazy," said Gabrielle Ortiz of Allentown.

The shooting brings up the topic of gun violence once again, which has become a prevalent issue in the United States, one that some people are growing tired of.

"I just think that it's awful that people are allowed to obtain guns so easily and that there's so much violence with them, especially recently. And there's something that should be done about it," said Mikaela Weimer of New Jersey.

"I have no idea why people would want to come here at this point. In my honest opinion, I don't think it's a safe place to even raise children."

State police say that while the shootout broke out between the suspect and two troopers, cars were whizzing by as people were traveling along Route 33. The stretch where the shooting occurred on Route 33 in Plainfield Townfield is a well-traveled portion between the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos.

The southbound lanes were shut down following the shooting.

Many drivers were forced to detour off Route 33 and Newswatch 16 spoke with a few folks who actually heard gunshots from the altercation

"I work right there and it happened next to my work and we heard gunshots. Then, everyone, we had to clear out of our area and we were able to go back 30 minutes ago," said Justin Hutson.

A news conference is scheduled for Wednesday morning.


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  • III%

    Archie I think your misguided and need to be educated so here’s what I’ll do I’m going to donate $25 to the NRA FOUNDATION in your honor to help educate you and people like you
    If anyone else would like to help Archie or others like him I’ll post the information below
    The NRA foundation
    11250 Waples Mill rd
    Fairfax VA. 22030

    Let’s all help Archie out !

  • Richard Russell

    Ms. Ortiz doesn’t care to live in our country anymore. I believe Latinos are people of color. My problem is defending myself against the urban political machine who has sought me out with the intent of murdering me because i don’t care to listen to the lie that ‘WE’ believe things i didn’t learn from the color of my skin. To the extent that some of these officers think that they have the right to murder people who decline to love the goverment jesus,My right not to be the victim of anything prohibited by law is more important than the government’s right to wander my country in a uniform, because children know the stamp on cigarettes says the state is a waste of money.

  • Archie Beal

    Archie Beal is my real name…you clowns are just pissed because you know I am right and my beliefs will one day…sooner than later…will come to fruition. It’s okay to know you will be defeated and there will be nothing you can do about it

  • III%

    As for “Archie Beal” if that is a factual name the best advice I can tell you is stay in your safe place and lock the doors and close the curtains put on a new tin foil hat and retreat to your basement “apartment ” because there are armed law abiding citizens out here and we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon

  • Archie Beal

    You fools will all see…the days of legal firearm possession is limited and coming to an end…stay tuned and stand by… believe me I will be the first to say I told you so and I don’t want to hear any of you peoe bitchin

  • Archie Beal

    When do we get this 2nd ammendment repealed?…how much more violence do we need…it is ridiculous already…I honestly do not want to hear from you idiotic gun nuts…because you people are obviously narrow minded and do not want to admit this country has and epidemic…its clear your ideas are not working and change is needed….bury your heads in the sand, it will go away….because the NRA said so….just ban and begin confiscating ALL FIREARMS immediately and society will become a much safer existence!

    • Britt

      I have a gun. I am a young mom clean background, no history or mental illness or drugs and you mean to tell me that I shouldn’t have a gun to protect myself with? It’s locked up in a safe empty unless it would be needed for protection! There are not only human predators but animals as well. Why should I have to give up my gun? The only other time my gun would be used is legally during hunting season!

      • TheLunacyWillBeTelevised

        You do realize, however, that having a firearm locked up and unloaded makes it utterly useless in a self defense situation, right?

      • The polite rapist

        ‘Young mom, I just cut your phone line and forced your door open, I’m now going to have my way with you’. ‘Would you mind waiting a few minutes so I can retrieve my gun from the safe and load it?’ ‘Certainly, I don’t mind waiting’. This message brought to you by an alternate universe.

    • warningfakenews

      The second amendment isn’t about hunting or target practice, or even defending one’s home from criminals- it’s about preventing a tyrannical government from taking away our constitutional rights, and seeing as we are facing an increasing danger that an oppressive federal government wants to do that- the guns and our rights to keep and bear them are staying.

    • Balanced

      To answer your first question: Never. To admitting our country has an epidemic: I agree 100%. The police and military should be able to round up every suspected gang member and criminal and put them away indefinitely. Get busted for drugs: Go to prison indefinitely, no chance of parole. Commit a crime with a firearm: Go to prison indefinitely, no chance of parole. Build more prisons, everyone benefits. Jobs for construction crews, jobs for corrections officers. Other than that, if we could just get you to shut your pie hole, society would be much better. 🖕

    • Millennials, 🙄

      Yep. Young liberal snowflakes including one from NJ where having a long knife on you is against the law. They’ve been indoctrinated well. Perhaps they should check out Australia, a place where guns have been confiscated but yet (gasp – horrors – shock) there’s still gun violence. How can that be?


    hey media, its mental illness problem, not gun problem, once our 2nd amendment rights taken away might as well throw all our amendments out the window with it, lets bring back halfway houses and if you crazy you get put away for a year, not a couple days

  • Fredric

    Welcome to the Wild Wild Northeastern Pennsylvania where we see news like this every week. Holier than Thou Pike County has shootings and trials almost monthly. Dodge City had nothing on use except when it came in Caravans