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Ferrari Driver Taken to Hospital After Late Night Crash in Peckville

PECKVILLE -- A crash that sent a driver to the hospital in Lackawanna County is under investigation.

A Ferrari was cut in half after hitting a parked car and tree on Gino Merli Drive in Peckville just after 12 a.m. on Monday.

The driver,ย Ken Santarelli, 51, from Peckville, was taken to the hospital.

Authorities haven't said how he is doing after the smash-up in Lackawanna County.


  • Suzanne Wood

    You people and to stop making negative coments you dont talk about someone without knowing the facts his children and family read this send prayers not hate I would like to send more prayers for the santarelli family

  • Maryann veno

    I would just like to say to all you selfish bastards that he had a stroke which caused the accident, we have medical records with the information. Plus whatever the circumstances this is a father of three young kids how can ANYONE reply with such disrespect on public media, you are all sick bastards! Get a life people!

    • tiny turtle

      Well, Maryann Veno, I am going to take you to task, here. You say you have access to his medical records? You realize, then that you just broken the law, don’t you? I’ve been a nurse for almost 25 years and, let me tell, you sister, you will be turned in for this. Have a good night.

    • tiny turtle

      Just as I thought, You aren’t in the medical profession. I just did a check on you. Keep lying-lady and karma may come for you, too!

  • Douglas W Weber

    Come on people. This is somebody’s son/brother/father. Show some decorum. I understand there’s jealousy regarding wealth. I understand that you may not like him, for whatever reason you may have. But, in a nutshell, he is still a person and has a family. Keep the negativity to yourselves and instead pray for Kenny’s healing, for his family’s benefit.

      • Are you kidding me?!

        Are you serious right now?! He is the nicest guy and your talking about him like this. Do you not have a life?! You don’t know the whole situation so keep your mouth shut! People have nothing better to do than to talk about someone who is fighting for his life right now. God get over yourself.

  • tiny turtle

    I drove past the site of the accident today. He must’ve been FLYING through there. There is no way a car could’ve just slid into that yard. It’s on an upgrade, and the strike mark on the tree was higher than you would’ve expected from that model car. And the car he hit…let me tell you, that was a mess, also. No sympathy here, either. He is from the area and KNOWS that there are only family homes there. He was putting other’s lives on the line. Whatever happens to him now is between him and his maker. Selfish bastard. Money can’t buy brains, I guess. So glad he didn’t hurt anybody.

    • Maryann veno

      First of all he is a father , of three children.he had a stroke which caused the accident. I hope you dont have children, you shelfish bastard.!

  • III%

    Pretty obvious this was no fender bender speed was the factor but I have a feeling this is about all the info that will be made public seems the individual that was driving was a prominent person and we know how that goes……….

    • Donna Kennedy

      Honestly, I think people should be more concerned with the driver…and hoping and praying he makes it and for his family as well. I don’t have time for “ignorant” comments and won’t feed into the typical stupidity.

  • Donna Kennedy

    I was driving in the opposite direction at the time and he FLEW by me. The REASON why his car was split in 2 and he totaled the parked car was….he HAD to be doing close to 100 mph. Going that fast ANYWHERE…let alone down a road where people live and in the rain is something you’d expect from a 20 something year old….not a “respectable” 51 year old father of 3. Sorry but I have NO COMPASSION for someone who a) disregards the rules of the road and b) disregards the safety of others.

    • Sinbad

      This screen name has turned up more than once on here, not saying that you are lying about your experience, but it is usually something about a traffic accident involving motorcycles when I notice “Donna Kennedy” making the comments in the past. I might be a moron or autistic as you’ve previously pointed out. Thank you for being you.

      • Donna Kennedy

        In case you aren’t aware of this fact, Donna Kennedy is a very common name in the United States of America. Go on Facebook and do a search for my name. Personally, I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks or says. All I know is what I saw. Not continuing with this conversation because with some people, it’s pointless. Have a good evening.

    • Patti

      U should not jump to conclusions. Could have been mechanical problem, throttle issue. U do not know what really happened. Try not 2 post one sided negative comments. This man has children & family. God Bless the Santarelli Family. Praying for Kenny!๐Ÿ™

  • banananas

    Looks like a 2002 Modena Spider with the upgraded Challenge Stradle/Enzo style brakes. It kind of doesn’t make sense unless you’ve worked on them, but this car was upgraded at some point. To own something like that? You really have to know your stuff, and I hope that the driver is okay. Slick roads can get the best of any of us in any car. Judging by how intact the driver’s seat looks, that car was cut apart by an invention of George Hurst called “The Jaws of Life”. They are mostly aluminum vehicles and are designed to keep the passenger area intact while separating from the engine, just like F1 cars do in bad crashes. This seems drummed up as the rear sub-structure is still attached. He could’ve swerved to miss a deer and hit one of PA’s infamous potholes that our outlandish taxes go to in a hurry.

  • ๐Ÿค”

    Jealousy is a sin btw. We all need to be grateful for what we do have and not be concerned with what others have.

  • ๐Ÿค”

    Who cares what kind of car he was driving? The point of the matter is he was seriously injured. We should all be praying this man makes it. Who knows how bad the injuries are. I know I’ll be praying he makes a full recovery and for his family to have strength through all of this.

  • Judy Mercatili

    How sad that not one person expressed concern about his condition…. Only bashed his name and choice of car…. Someone actually made a joke about an oil slick, which is sick.

    • No class

      And such is the world we live in Judy. The same people making the no-class comments would not want their lives on display. Satan has twisted their hearts and minds.

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