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The Meaning Behind the Marathon: WNEP’s Ryan’s Run Team Hits NYC This Weekend

While much of the world is watching the New York City Marathon this weekend, you may be interested to know that our area is playing a role.

Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey was in New York City's Central Park on Friday.

He offered a behind the scenes look at the finish line and highlighted the impact WNEP's Ryan's Run Team will have on the World's Biggest Marathon this Sunday, November 5.

Fifty area runners will represent our charity team in the TCS New York City Marathon, a 26.2-mile journey throughout the city's five boroughs.

Plus, meet some runners from the Philippines who are supporting our cause.

WNEP's Ryan's Ryan benefits kids and adults with disabilities served by Allied Services.

To track our charity team in Sunday's race head here!

To learn more about the background behind WNEP's Ryan's Run, click here!

Take a look behind the scenes of the TCS New York City Marathon with the Race Director and President Peter Ciaccia.


  • Archie Beal

    I must agree…this Ryan lecky is a phony big time…he stole Joe’s idea /concept and came up with this run…also a few years ago when Sophia ojeda discovered that Noah Ritter boy…again lecky swooped right in and stole the kid away and took all the credit like he found the kid…this lecky joker needs to get his own material and ideas and stop riding people’s coat tails.

  • Fun facts

    The ONLY reason behind Ryan’s run is because he’s an attention seeker. He seen the attention and publicity Joe created so Ryan thought, “Ah, I finally found my stage for ‘look at me’ status! Yippy!”

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