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Shooting After Struggle with Fish and Boat Commission Officer Ruled Justified

PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP -- On Tuesday, a Fish and Boat Commission officer shot and killed a man on the banks of the Susquehanna River near West Nanticoke.

Friday, the Luzerne County district attorney shared with Newswatch 16 that officer's account of what happened and ruled the shooting justified.

Sean Bohinski, 37, of Nanticoke was killed. An autopsy found that he was shot three times during a struggle with the Fish and Boat Commission officer. The officer's name has still not been released.

The officer told investigators he spotted Bohinski on the river bank, burning the insulation off copper wire.

Bohinski was using a machete to stir the fire.

The officer thought the copper wire might be stolen, so he asked to frisk Bohinski. During the pat down, the officer says Bohinski punched him in the face and took off into the water. The two struggled in the water.

The officer says Bohinski hit him a few times with a rock and then knocked the officer's pepper spray from his hand. It was then that the officer took out his gun and fired the three shots.

The officer's radio was waterlogged from the struggle, so he was unable to call for help until he made it back to his patrol car.

The district attorney's report also said that Sean Bohinski had outstanding warrants with the Dallas Township police department for fleeing and eluding and had a history of running from police.

The Fish and Boat Commission officer has been released from the hospital.

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