Police Nab More Than a Dozen Suspects on Drug Charges

WILKES-BARRE -- Thursday at the police headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, state police and representatives of the state attorney general's office came together.

Authorities say it's part of an ongoing drug investigation that began last August.

More than a dozen suspects were rounded up Thursday morning in Luzerne County.


  • banananas

    The ratio on drug charges is about 3:1, so if you have twelve? You get four that are ‘snitches’ and only 1 can act good enough. Dumb ass policies not booting these people out of your communities your own self and not worrying about what others think on here. Strong=strong. Weak=weak. There is your math lesson.

  • III%

    Very indepth investigative journalism at it’s finest Pulitzer prize winning quality but what ever happened to the who, what, where, how ?

  • Lance

    Drugs in wilkesbarre? Thanks for stating the obvious. But lets fire police officers because the city mayor is totally out of touch

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