Judge to Decide if Property Tax Reassessment Question to Remain on Ballot in Lackawanna County

CLARKS SUMMIT -- Two Lackawanna County businessmen have gone to court attempting to halt a referendum question on the November ballot about property reassessment.

Chuck Volpe and Keith Eckel, both of Clarks Summit, filed a court injunction saying that the wording of the question is confusing to voters.

The question asks whether Lackawanna County should borrow money to do a property tax reassessment.

It would be the first reassessment in the county in about 50 years.

A judge will decide if the question will stay on the ballot after a hearing scheduled for next week in Lackawanna County.

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  • sc

    I have an answer to your tax rev problem!
    Everyone get on the lackawanna county tax public record website and look up your home address and notice ALL THE PROPERTIES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD WITH NO TAX ASSE VALUE OR TAXED AMOUNT. SOME OF OUR NEIGHBORS ARE NOT PAYING TAXES….PERIOD!!!!

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