Boy Scouts of America Officially Welcomes Girls to Join

The Boy Scouts of America National office is pictured here in Irving, Texas.

NEW YORK — The Boy Scouts of America’s board of directors has unanimously agreed to welcome girls into the Cub Scout program and to forge a path for older girls to pursue and earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout, the organization said Wednesday.

“The historic decision comes after years of receiving requests from families and girls,” Boy Scouts of America said in a statement. “[T]he organization evaluated the results of numerous research efforts, gaining input from current members and leaders, as well as parents and girls who’ve never been involved in Scouting — to understand how to offer families an important additional choice in meeting the character development needs of all their children.”

BSA said the move is also aimed at helping busy families consolidate programs for their children.

“Families today are busier and more diverse than ever. Most are dual-earners and there are more single-parent households than ever before, making convenient programs that serve the whole family more appealing,” the BSA statement said.

Boy Scouts of America has about 2.3 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21 and about 960,000 volunteers in the United States and its territories.

Developing story – more to come

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  • Free Meeeee

    Who is counseling these decisions? They need to get a grip!
    This is insane!
    Tell me more on how this is gonna work! Do you still
    call the program Boy Scouts????? BSA ???
    The already struggling BSA just dug another hole!

  • Everly

    You turn your head and once again we change hundreds of years of history to “accommodate”
    busy American families!
    I am currently a Cub Scout leader (5 years now & a woman) so I speak from experience. The scouting program BSA has no growth opportunity for girls. Yes, then can handle the requirements & could possibly do them better, but the paths of achievements are centered around raising good MALE citizens and teaching them MALE ways of being a productive MALE in our society. Change everything now????
    Girls belong and should have a program that does the same for them too.
    For the roles in our society differ from MALE & FEMALE!
    I’m having trouble swallowing this change & just may have to consider stepping down from my den leader role which will deeply sadden me because of the connection I have with my boys. I’ve been through 4 years of scouting way of life with them and value the thought of knowing I made a lasting impact on their life – experiences they will remember till they die!
    Baden Powell is rolling with rage in his grave!

  • SMDH

    One more step into the world of adrogeny. That would be the day I’d let my kid join. I’d spend more time with him myself instead and find other ways to socialize and learn with kids his own age. Sad to see all of this happening. I think my generation is going to be the last of America as we once knew her. I hope the liberals are happy… and they wonder why there is so much gender confusion and general confusion about self in our young people today.

  • Boy Scout cookies

    No membership = no need for Scouting executives. Have to keep their six figure salaries intact somehow. Another great American institution flushed down the toilet of PC and greed.

  • El Ma

    Is there no place where children can experience safety with members of their own gender? I’m not talking about “sexual orientation,” or any of these other ridiculous labels, because children are just children – they are not aware of their sexual identity for YEARS and their confusions and fantasies often cross certain paths. I’m talking about boys being different from girls, and vice versa.

    It is unseemly that there is no distinction between genders, anymore. Everyone’s expected to jump into this great melting pot and unify as human beings, and this is clearly not working to the benefit of mankind. (sigh)

  • Flapjack

    Another one bites the dust. What a shame, being an Eagle Scout was a prestigious honor and achievement, one of hard work and years of dedication that got you into special places that others could not, sometimes that would get you considered for a leadership position, job, military… it’s reduced to this. Just disband the whole BSA now and preserve what dignity current and former scouts and Eagle Scouts have.

      • Flapjack

        “Real Eagle Scout”…LOL, yeah right! No you’ve got it all wrong, doesn’t sting at all, it’s apparent who the real coward is sitting behind the keys. but not surprising. When you get done ironing your skirt, look up what being a real Eagle Scout entailed. Oh you’ll have to look up what entail means first.

    • It begins at home

      Because they get some of their funding from liberal organizations that will cut them off if they don’t comply. The answer here is simple folks: turn off the tube, put down the phone, and spend time with your kids. Chances are you’ll learn something too. This is also why home and cyber schooling is becoming more popular, decent people have had enough.