Talkback 16: Columbus Day

The renewed debate over the historical legacy of Christopher Columbus is the focus of this edition of Talkback 16.

Talkback 16 Online Discussion:

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  • CeeMe

    This is for the guy who commented about Leif Eriksson. Leif was trying to reach Greenland and accidently landed in parts of North America. You see, exploration wasn’t simple or easy back them. That’s why we celebrate people like Columbus. Eriksson never came back to what is now America, so never got credit for doing so. Get it now, politically correct losers?

  • Writer Girl

    Hail. Columbus! He was a great explorer. That is what we celebrate. Did negative things occur? Absolutely, but if you don’t like all the advances the Europeans brought here, go back to wearing animal skins and hunting for all your meals. As for the “indigenous” people, they came to what is now America via the Bering Strait in Asia. Today, they’d be the original “squatters,” but you can’t compare the society then, to the one now, like everyone is doing.