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Man Hit by Vehicle Dies

STROUD TOWNSHIP — A man has died after he was hit by a vehicle in the Poconos.

The coroner says Ronald Gatti, 78, of Stroud Township was hit in a parking lot at Penn Estates near East Stroudsburg late Friday night.

The coroner said Gatti died at the hospital just after midnight Saturday.

Gatti’s death is still under investigation in Monroe County.

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  • DJB

    My GOD WNEP, can you get any thinner in your reporting? What’s next? “A man was hit by a car in the Poconos.” End of story? How about some more facts and background on what happened. Geesh. You’re the “news station”, how about a little more depth in your stories? Just sayin’….

    • Ann

      They repeat them self over and over to the same story’s even when they don.t have a clue about a story there talking about well oi guess that’s how they get paid to gossip what a joke this station is just saying it’s fun to watch there stories

      • Pennywise


        You don’t get to criticize anyone until your spelling and grammar indicate you’ve graduated middle school.

        Thanks and best of luck,

        The Educated