School Closings And Delays

Gunfire Prompts Lockdown in Luzerne County

PLAINS TOWNSHIP -- A state police helicopter was part of a search in Luzerne County after shots were fired.

State and local police were called a neighborhood in Plains Township outside Wilkes-Barre around 8 a.m. Tuesday.

According to investigators, a man got into an argument with his neighbor at Mill Creek Acres, fired several shots into the air, then ran into a wooded area.

The incident happened near Wilkes-Barre Area Vo Tech, which was on lockdown for about an hour while officers searched for the man in Luzerne County.

Police later cleared the scene and said they do not believe the man is a danger to the public.


  • Barb

    Not a police officer. Not related to a police officer. When someone calls for a concern be grateful police took safety precautions even if it was not as large as it seemed. Grateful for plains police and state police following all precautions.

  • Knows The Truth

    Lmao you are not even close either. Maybe you should get a job at Wnep. He fired all of 1 shot in the air.

    • I love Chicago

      Darky prefers the graduated approach to shootings thinking no one will pay attention to ‘a couple here, a couple there’. Kind of like stealing gas out of your tank – take a gallon or two, nobody will notice. Unfortunately for them, whitey has the inter webs to keep the running tally. As of this writing, 498 shot and kil-led, 2395 shot and wounded. Three months to go, you can do it! #BLM

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