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Wife Facing Charges After Shooting Husband with Pellet Gun

KULPMONT -- According to published reports, Helena Crosby shot her husband, Vincent Crosby in the face with a pellet gun late Saturday night at the couple's home in Kulpmont.

The pellet went through Crosby's nose and into his brain.

The News Item reports Crosby had to be flown to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville.

The paper also reports Helena Crosby told police her husband became aggressive and threatened to kill her before she shot him with an air rifle around 11 p.m.

This comes less than two weeks after a body was found off Route 54 in Mt Carmel Township. That was ruled a homicide.

WNEP spoke to residents, who have growing concerns about the area.

"It's bad. It's bad. The area got bad with the drugs. The poor kid that got shot last week, that's a different story, but it is getting really bad with the drug situation around here. It's all the heroin, the bath salts and apparently, they don't care anymore. They just don't care anymore," said Natalie Swank, Kulpmont.

"I'm raising three children and it's really hard. I'm concerned about them, so I get them in early at night because of all the stuff that's been going on," said Rita Perkins of Kulpmont.

Helena Crosby is at the Centre County Prison. She is facing multiple charges.

Vincent Crosby is reportedly in critical condition after the shooting in Northumberland County.




  • Lance

    She could’ve called the police. She is a dumb sh#t who thought she could get away with attempted murder. I hope she gets her deserved years in prison

  • Huggy

    I’ve heard this is the area that likes to look the other way when it comes to deviants. They really cater to cutey even if they make the sex offender list it seems. Two finger masturbaters and odd walking routes to peep the streets for pow-pow.

  • Archie Beal

    Oh we waste your money. ..Firearms will be eventually banned and confiscated as they should be…then what…I guess you lose. Firearms are no good and neither are the people that possess them. Law enforcement and military personnel only should be allowed to possess firearms. I cannot wait until the day comes when they are completely ridded from society

  • seen it all

    Beware Centre Co is tied to women’ s right fraud and may get involved to try to get this murderer (or attempted) off ( happened before here) Another BS abuse story from the perp!


    I see some logistical issues in this case. She is locked up in the Centre county jail! isn’t that 90 miles away from Kulpmont? Oh i forgot the county jail burned to the ground in Northumberland county. So there is No jails with vacancies close? You know the skook jail is at over capacity as usual. This place is a complete trainwreck!

  • Archie Beal

    If there were no firearms in society and totally banned and removed, this situation would have never presented itself. Goes back to ALL FIREARMS need to be removed from society and the second, fourth and now the first ammendment need to be abolished and rewritten. Society interprets this constitution to fit their beliefs and agendas… in all reality the whole constitution needs to be scrapped and rewritten . It is an archaic document that doesn’t pertain to or have place in modern day society any longer. The country will be far better off when this happen!

    • Archie is a jughead

      Hey – dumb shit – this was a pellet gun, not a firearm. Did you read the story about the Sudanese immigrant that shot up the church in Tennessee? Guess who stopped him? Good guy with a gun, that’s who. If cars, ladders, steps, and poisons were eliminated from society no one would die from them either. The only thing that’s going to make society a little better is the day you are banned from posting your moronic treasonous blather. Go away already you goof.

    • Archie is a jughead

      Oh, forgot to tell you – I bought one of those nice new Kimber revolvers last weekend. Because I could. And I’m protected by the US Constitution. And I drives you more nuts than you already are.

    • seen it all

      Since your claim is impossible and illogical , I suggest you get an education and stop spouting feces . Tell us how you will solve Chicago’s murder debacle and how the gun free zones successfully works there?

      • jim

        The towns with the strictest gun control laws seem to have the highest murder rates.
        Family values and families being role models for their kids has broken down.
        Hard labor can be a deterrent. And I am talking about from thr first offence….seems everybody is looking for the easy way out …so a little hard labor just may turn some away from a life of crime.

  • Vern

    Jeez, he couldn’t have been any worse than that Denny Barker guy that was pedo roaming and following children into homes while parents were home! Read that story on a different site cause wnep refused to cover the story. The people in this area were more concerned with their football team losing to North Schuylkill though. Skeeters

  • Rjelq

    She was mad the declining redshirting
    mount carmel lost to average and corrupt north skookill. The Schlitz ice wasn’t enough to drown the coal region pain.

    • Bob Smith

      Excuse me, This is real Bob speaking… Whoever give you a right to plagiarism to use my name on a subject about ” Is that a picture of him and his wife? ” This is very juvenile behavior. Thank you!👎🏻

    • Truth

      Doesn’t fit into their agenda. Hey Archie, guess who stopped this Sudanese murderer before he could do more damage? That’s right, a good guy with a gun. How does this fit into your flawed logic?

    • Bias

      Black immigrant killing white Christians in the south? No story there. Campus cop shoots non-binary (WTH is that anyhow?) LBGTQIA nut-job student – now there’s a story!

  • Bob Smith

    Helena, Shooting your husband is not the answer! If you feel threatened. Just run out with a phone with you. If not. Go to neighbor’s house to call police to stay there u till they show up. Now, What will the district attorney gonna to say?

    • Ice ice baby

      You mean like the one that shot up the church down in Tennessee? Or the one that shot Abel Esquivel in San Fran? No thanks, we’ve got enough home-grown trash without having to bring it in from outside our borders.

      • buzzed driver

        Better recheck the church shooter – foreign scum if the name is a dead giveaway , probably spurned by the white woman he shot first and then attacked a pastor and elderly , That and any weirdo in San Fran shot is a plus to our country and how do I guess he was an addict ?

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