‘The Price Is Right’ Made History Today – and Everyone Went Nuts

Wow! It was a memorable day on “The Price is Right.”

It’s always fun to see someone land on $1 while vying for a spot in the Showcase Showdown. Two contestants in one show is rare.

What about five contestants in a row?!

In honor of Drew Carey celebrating 10 years of hosting the show, any contestant who lands on $1 this week gets $10,000 instead of the normal $1,000. During Friday’s episode, it happened five times in a row!

Wilbert, Charlotte, and Zacharia all landed on $1 on their first spin. During the tiebreaker spin, Wilbert and Charlotte both landed on $1 again! Five in a row!

At the end of the segment, the wheel had given away $80,000 – the most in the history of the wheel, according to CBS.

Let’s not forget about Tioga County’s own Ryan Belz who set the record on the show’s famous pricing game, Plinko, and banking $31,500 back in May of this year.