Teacher Raising Money For Tablets For Her Students

BUTLER TOWNSHIP -- Two teachers in Schuylkill County are trying to raise money to purchase tablets for their classrooms.

North Schuylkill Junior-Senior High School teacher Melanie Fowler teaches seventh and eighth grade English. About a week ago, she and another teacher started a fundraiser to get 33 Kindle Fires for their students. They will cost about $1,900.

"Right now, we have a paperback text, but the online version of the text allows for more enrichment for the students who basically need more challenge than the textbook provides," Fowler said.

Fowler is using a website called donorschoose.org to help her raise the money. From now until Thursday, the website will match donations up to $50.

Fowler said the tablets will allow her to give more attention to each student.

"If I am able to individualize my instruction, that means everyone is learning and everyone gets the same opportunities," Fowler said.

Her students are excited about the tablets.

"Since technology is like a big part of our lives, I think it will be better than the books," eighth grader Sierra Wishnefsky said.

Fowler still needs about $1,500 for the Kindles. She will be collecting money until the beginning of the year. Click here to donate.


  • El Ma

    With the outstanding grammar and command of the English language that school children have these days, EVERYONE deserves a tablet! Oh……..wait. An electronic tablet? Tiny computer? Oh, I see. I thought it was for WRITING tablets – you know the kind with lines and such that we actually write on. No, I think I’ll spend my money on something more useful.

  • jim

    Very admirable…spend a little less on sports and the district might have money for what schools are suppose to be. An institution for higher learning

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