Taking a Stand Against Hate 

SUNBURY-- This past week, hate messages were posted throughout the city of Sunbury. This came as a shocking and hurtful blow to many residents, so Saturday afternoon a group of people gathered for an anti-hate rally.

"Sunbury is a caring and loving community and we would love to keep it that way. We want to keep it as a safe community."

Protesters gathered in Sunbury for an anti-hate rally. It is in response to hate flyers that were posted in the last week. To some residents, those hateful messages negatively portray the city.

"They're trying to revitalize the city and if some people feel they're un-welcomed or unsafe, why would they shop here? Why would they live here? More importantly, there's kids here from all different backgrounds and they need to grow up in a place where they know they're valued," said Peter Toscano of Sunbury.

"This is not acceptable and this is not who we are. This is not the message that we want to give the world. We want to give a very different message," said Cynthia Peltier of Sunbury

For Regina Russell, who organized the protest, she looks at diversity as a positive thing.

"I want different food. I want restaurant row up and down the street. I want to hear different music, see the different cultures dancing, and that's what I'm hoping this city will eventually become," said Russell.

The residents who we spoke to describe Sunbury as a diverse community, a community that is welcoming to people of all walks of life. Their main reason for being at this protest was simple, to stand against hate.

"We should stand together because if you stand together, that's an example of strength and that strength will drive these people out.," said Russell.

"The most important thing is bringing about long-term change that changes the culture, so that people who live in the city see somebody who's clearly visiting, they feel free to go up and say 'hey, hi, you're welcome, can I help you with something?' That's the type of welcoming culture we're looking to have here," said Toscano.

The group of about 15 to 20 people wanted to make it known that Sunbury is a city that is open to having everybody. Contrary to those flyers posted anonymously.

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  • adalagarzi

    I have a challenge for everyone supporting the protest in the comment section. Explain to me, how does a poster stating that white people deserve the right to exist constitute “Hate?”

    • Robert

      Lets pretend I fund 2 groups. Neither group knows about the other. I send one group to go break windows. I send the other group to have rallies against window breakers. As long as I can keep these 2 groups from knowing they are employed by the same person and keep my identity hidden from the public I win! I benefit from those that like to break windows and those that hate window breakers. Back in the good ole days we hung these people, today we elect them!
      The moral to my story, don’t over react to what you read and THINK!

    • El Ma

      I get flagged all of the time. It’s part of the dumb-’em-down agenda to make everyone demand a Utopian society for the poor, downtrodden peoples that weren’t raised with “white privilege.” We don’t want any delicate feelings hurt, now do we? LOL!!!!!!!!!! Write it, write it, and write it. Keep writing it. At some point, the algorithmic moderator will miss a buzz word, or two!

      And…….to WNEP: if you are going to provide a public discussion forum board, it behooves you (and, ALL media) to allow for a free exchange of ideas, views, beliefs, and insults, even if they are unpleasant or disagreeable. In this country, open discussion can often help opposing views find a balance. By choking speech down to a whisper, you’re inciting the feeding frenzy, and we know what happens when sharks experience that, don’t we? Yes, they begin to consume one another.

    • Extortion

      Regina Russell, who organized the protest, she looks at diversity as a positive thing.<<<<< Seems she is running as a Democrat in an upcoming election to the city. Hmmm i think this may be a setup to make the Democrats look like they are the party with the moral high ground and i would not be surprised if the flyers are a fake plant to help hate whites and help her get elected.
      Unless they catch someone who is connected with hating minorities its all fake in my opinion. In this political environment i would not put it past a hate group that is against Republicans / Whites / Trump with posting these flyers.

      • Robert

        go to the altright website on the poster, examine the articles they cover. Then check the about link, and use your search engine. You will find it is a leftist pro union group from texas that donated 10k in jan 2017 to form this webpage. Examine the funding for this group you will find the American civil liberties U. (trying to avoid moderation. happed several times already) They fund both. It is very likely at a local level neither group has a clue about the other. The deception is not that amazing. What I find amazing is its so simple to trace these groups back to their source that WNEP made no effort.

      • El Ma

        Robert, I’ve been going on about all of this “hatred” stuff on this site, as well as In Real Life, for a long, long while, now. It’s clearly the crux of an agenda – playing both sides against the middle, as it were. As far as I’m concerned, I “hate” the things that deserve it, pity the people who are fooled, and try to live my life in the best way possible. I’ve learned to actually sit back, take stock, and use an objective (and, cynical) eye when viewing all of this stuff. It’s so blatant that it’s almost comical.

  • Robert

    The two women mention in the report (both activists) are funded by the same group that funded the website(s) that created the posters. A setup! That simple. WNEP did no investigation, or has no interest in the truth.

    • trucker

      It always amazes me how many “concerned citizens” mentioned in WNEP articles end up being paid professional “activists” backed by big money after a simple google search. That never seems to make it into the story 🙂
      Peltier’s group .communityzonelewisburg.org awful fishy, and very very “whites-only”

    • adalagarzi

      A news site that doesn’t check its sources is what we call
      ______ ___ _ _______ _ _ _____ _ _ _____
      | ___/ _ \| | / / ___| | \ | | ___| | | / ___|
      | |_ / /_\ \ |/ /| |__ | \| | |__ | | | \ `–.
      | _|| _ | \| __| | . ` | __|| |/\| |`–. \
      | | | | | | |\ \ |___ | |\ | |___\ /\ /\__/ /
      \_| \_| |_|_| \_|____/ \_| \_|____/ \/ \/\____/

  • magicmikexxsm

    Okay WNEP why oh why did you delete my post????????????????????????? their was nothimnng wrong with what I said…I said basically Sunbury only has to look at Hazleton and the 15k problem they have there in that city…it’s the perfect model…WNWWN

    • El Ma

      MAGICMIKEXXSM, you probably typed a buzz-word. This is, after all, a corporate run news agency that must conform to the wingnut agenda or lose revenue. So……..yeah……..no. HUZZAH!!!! (gives the logo the famous Double Eagle)

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Diversity is not natural. 100’s of thousands of years of geographically segregated tribes living apart in peace and in war.

    It’s only since the 1960’s that diversity has been force fed with a vengeance like it is.

    Even native Americans as a whole were different tribes. Native Africans. Peoples of Europe were clans, tribes, sects.

    This whole diversity thing is a new concept.


    Can we work together and be at peace?

    Can we blend? I have my doubts.

    • Sick of Left and Right

      Good points and yes this is sort of reality, but if you do a DNA test you can see that it is much more complex. People intermixed for good and bad reasons but the point is that they mixed. In some countries this has occurred more easily. Now I am not a fan of diversity been shoved at us but if people choose to mix I don’t see what the problem is. Let them be. The left shoving diversity is wrong but the right prohibiting it is just as wrong. I am sure that a mixed race couple would get states walking down the street in any NEPA town. Just leave them alone. They are not doing anything. The left needs to stop pushing this as their diversity issue but the right just needs to get over it. Let people chose. This is a free country.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        Mixed race people don’t get stares like they used to. Open tranny’s and stud broads, well now that’s a different story.

      • El Ma

        For me, it’s a matter of observing with as much objectivity as I can muster. When it all comes down to it, this whole us-against-them-diversity-rules-SJW-is-healthy nonsense has been entirely orchestrated to incite violence, REaction (not PROaction), and diversion from actual present-day issues. That’s all. And, it’s funded. Follow the signs to the printers’, then follow the receipts to the antagonists. No big mystery.

        And, all of those sweet little granny counterparts of mine look suspiciously benign, don’t they? Makes all of the “end hate” bullshirt almost potable. (hissing) Yeah…..not so genuine, methinks.

      • Sick of Left and Right

        True but different issue. Whoever placed the signs is an idiot and the people who protest against it need to go home. We’d all be better off if people would just chill and focus on economic issues like creating jobs. Tired of the culture wars. Just doesn’t get us anywhere.

      • El Ma

        SICK OF LEFT AND RIGHT, a good paraphrase of what I intended. I couldn’t care any less about delicate feelings of fat people, skinny people, bald people, short people, black people, white people, balloon people, attack helicopter people, trans-what-the-hell people, ad nauseum. There are more pressing issues at hand than “feelings.”

  • CeeMe

    EL MA. Mostly I agree with you and I’m glad you can see through the hype. Sorry if I called you an idiot. Maybe it’s because I was awakened too early and was mad. Sorry I took it out on you. I guess I didn’t understand what you were saying in that one post or misunderstood, but that’s my problem.

  • Writer Girl

    Love the sign that says “We are all from immigrants.” Yes, legal, assimilated immigrants who built this country, worked and became Americans. Not losers who come here for what they can get and add little to nothing but a day job to the country and take jobs, housing and money away from citizens. Do you see the difference, now?

  • Writer Girl

    I have no problem with different and varied music or food. I do have a problem with crime and people thumbing their noses at our country’s laws. I also have a problem with people coming here from countries they can’t wait to leave and then telling Americans how racist and other negative things they are and demanding things for themselves. I have trouble with people pushing their ways and culture on Americans. Come legally, assimilate and shut up!

  • trucker

    If you hate hate are you not being hatefull? Please define what is being hated and why we should hate the hated thing that is called hate.
    When I see 15 to 20 people why do I get the suspicion the actual number is 16 and they want it to seem bigger then the average tupperware party?

    • El Ma

      I hate that I must hate the hateful. Therefore, I am a 100% hater. Being that I hate other hateful things, it’s a quandary no matter what I hate. Very good point, here.

      What is “hate speech?” Someone……….anyone………..what is the Oxford’s Unabridged definition of “hate speech?”

      • 🙄

        El Ma, hate speech- an expression to cause offence or distress to other individuals on a basis of their association with a particular group and/ or incite.

      • El Ma

        So, emoji, if I’m to interpret the definition of “hate speech” as it has been presented, I cannot utter a word in the presence of another human being in the event that the individual might become offended or distressed? Uh…….sue me. LOL!!!

      • 🙄

        I just looked it up. Not trying to cause any issues. I agree with you and your thoughts. Everything is being blown way out of proportion on this hate crap. I personally don’t hate anyone. I may not agree with views but to hate is just down right stupid. Look at what it’s causing.

      • 🙄

        Heck, now a days it doesn’t take much to offend people. You look at someone the wrong way and you offend them. You say something they don’t agree with and you offend them. Just plain ridiculous.

      • El Ma

        Emoji, “1984” is another good read. The half-baked notion that we can somehow FORCE the human condition into being something warm and fuzzy is part of a greater agenda. This ongoing “hate” nonsense is just smoke and mirrors intended to have our focuses elsewhere instead of examining real-time issues. I pay absolutely NO heed to any of these demands on either end of this warped spectrum. I’m out. I’m going to nom on my carrots, watch “Sense and Sensibilities,” and mourn the passing of Alan Rickman, again.

  • Dave

    WNEP is getting nasty by taking sides like they do instead of just reporting the news and facts. They should not be picking sides and only covering one side and making it seem like it’s the majority.

    This story is “about stopping the hate”…… Yet, its taking a side !

  • Me

    We need to start arresting these protesters for civil disobedience, disorderly conduct, harassment and in some cases terrorism. For example, in St. Louis in the past couple of days they have injured 10 cops, broken windows and assembled at the Mayor house harassing her because they don’t like the outcome of a cop case. This has to stop. In Chicago a young woman locked herself in a kitchen freezer at the Crown hotel, that she had no business being in,( one can only imagine why she went in there to begin with. ) . In this case they are disrupting the business. They should be sued for business interruption. There has to be a penalty for this behavior.

  • CeeMe

    Go home boring idiots! You look stupid. There was nothing hateful about that poster. You’re the ones that are hateful and racists. Sick of the diversity crowd acting like they are always under attack and a bunch of victims. I guess it’s good all the stupid white people think they are such moral people. You’re going to need your goodness when you’re living under the thumb of these other idiots. You are no longer in the majority.

  • Stumpy

    Just continue to stir the pot, WNEP. Report anything you can, WNEP, to keep people divided and then they’ll be news to report. The 1980’s song ” Dirty Laundry ” by Don Henley should be WNEP’s theme song. It is clear that WNEP has an agenda and must manufacture news daily to remain relevant in their own eyes.

    • El Ma

      Yeah, and we can’t say, “retarded,” or, “stupid,” or, “juvenile,” anymore, EITHER. Those words hurt feelings, don’t you know, and we must be very careful to not hurt anyone else’s feelings, these days. PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT!!!! (waving hand in dismissal) I’ll say what I please, and I triple-dog-dare someone to demand that I “check (my) privilege.” The response to that empty phrase is, “No. I won’t. And, you can’t make me.”

      • El Ma

        JD, I am too old, and I’ve come too far to allow anyone to demand that I “check” anything other than the health of my undergarments. I’ve responded with just those words, and the only comeback that these types of people can come up with is to hurl meaningless insults at someone who really doesn’t give one sh*t, two sh*t, red sh*t, blue sh*t about it all.

  • Anywhere but there

    I have seen the different cultures and they suck! Ten or more to a house. Circus music that plays late into the night and trash. The have no respect for anyone. Sunburn should call Houston and request hurricane refugees, they’ll have their culture.

  • Bob Calvey

    Isn’t it amazing when all these loving all inclusive all accepting groups get together there is no violence or problems but if someone who diagrees with them get together to have their own voice heard there is always trouble and violence from those understanding people

      • El Ma

        There are 2 extremes that are on a payroll, here. The far left, and the far right. Both ends of this spectrum are very dangerous and, in all ways, “wrong.” The problem that the people in the center are experiencing is that there is no relief in either direction. When urban terrorists are paid mercenaries to incite even MORE hatred, it’s time to step back, and choose an individual route that doesn’t involve “feelings.” None of this makes any sense unless there’s monetary gain at the end of the road – follow the money.

      • El Ma

        CEEME, I think I’ll take my toys and go home, now. You’ve hurt my wittle feewings. I don’t care if you think I’m an idiot and/or a racist. LMAO!!!!! I don’t think you realize how hilarious you are! LOL

      • Bob Calvey

        Why because I don’t believe in sanctuary cities for illegals and I believe in border control I am a racist but I don’t protest them when they were down town having their gathering

      • Bob Calvey

        I treat people like they treat me unlike you and all of the white guilt I don’t have to prove anything to anyone

  • mopar driver

    Really , What hate ? The message was true (authors were not) , Lets come out against the black thugs/ welfare crews / drug dealers , foreign parasites , white trash , Aryan wannabe losers , corrupt state employees and fix this mess Called PA . Too late ? Probably .

  • Robert

    Don’t take things at face value, follow the money. Its not that hard! The group that put this crap up, is not what you think!! WNEP did nothing to investigate, they just reported what the group that did this knew they would. You need to check out the websites. www dot cwa hyphen union dot org slash cwa hyphen political hyphen action hyphen fund

  • Robert

    A community of about 10,000 people wake up to find posters that reference a website promoting race based editorials. A website that I have never heard of, and I’m willing to bet the vast majority have not either. So what does WNEP do? Cover it. Ok, perhaps its note worthy. But, a follow up report that involved 15 to 20 people, or .002 percent of the local population? That’s STUPID! They could cover the political views of church bingo participants and exceeding 20 participants and create far more interest. The person or group that organized this recruiting effort has only been in existence since Jan 2017. Our local media has wittingly or unwittingly helped to expand the attention this group receives and very likely it’s membership. Not that this type of recruiting effort should not be brought to the attention of law enforcement, but aid in the effort of recruitment is totally irresponsible on the part of WNEP in my opinion. Now for the real 411. The group that funds the websites listed on the poster, is a CWA Political Action Fund. www cwa hyphen union dot org slash cwa hyphen political hyphen action hyphen fund. Now go check that out if you want to learn what we as citizens are up against. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • III%

    Life is better when you don’t follow the status quo,and you form your own opinions,like or dislike whom ever you chose, fly the flag of your choice, have the ability to protect your family and home, or are we becoming a society were you have to be told by some bored housewife if your living your life the right way? This is still the United States of America isn’t it my beliefs and who ever I like or dislike is my choice and if you don’t like it you can kiss my a*s

    • El Ma

      Exactly! We aren’t obligated to “like” or agree with another person’s views or beliefs, but they are guaranteed the Right under the First Amendment to express those views and beliefs, regardless. This matter has become WAY too much of a distraction.

  • El Ma

    Oh. My. Gawd. Being caucasian, I feel offended and unwelcome in Sunbury because, apparently, I’m “one of THEM” because I don’t feel “white guilt” and indulge in “white privilege.” Please. Somebody just take a stand and stop this whole ridiculous foolishness.

      • El Ma

        I believe that you’ve got a really valid point. This isn’t something that’s even important in the grand scheme of things, but………it sure reads like drama, right? To put a finer point to it, these “events” have a source of finance, and it would behoove citizens to understand this fact. It’s reckless to talk about “hate” when it’s a paid attempt to incite violence. What would put the employer out of sorts is if all media sources simply stopped “reporting” these things and, instead, focused on the serious issues at hand.

  • warningfakenews

    The fliers show a picture of a white family and the saying, “We Have a Right to Exist”. Sure, it doesn’t say everyone does, but the group, “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t either. It would seem that splintering isn’t really helpful, no matter who’s doing it- but no one holds these rallies against BLM or La Raza, etc.