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Intruder Shot, Killed by Resident in Clinton County

PINE CREEK TOWNSHIP -- Police in Clinton County say a man is dead after he attempted to force his way into a home.

State police say it happened at a home just outside Avis around 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Hours after the deadly shooting, neighbors were talking about what happened.

“Next thing you know you hear bang, bang, bang,” said Torrance Stabley.

People in a neighborhood near Avis recalled hearing gunshots early in the morning. They awoke later to find state police in the 900 block of 4th Street and crime scene tape up around a mobile home.

“There was, like, a ton of cops,” said Kelly Kinley.

“They had the yellow tape up pole to pole. Nobody could get through,” said Pam Smith.

Now, state police and the Clinton County district attorney say Cody Englert, 30, of Jersey Shore, was shot by the resident of the home after Englert forced his way inside.

Englert died at the scene.

Jessica Allen lives just a few doors down.

“It's scary. I have a 1-year-old daughter and it was kind of scary. I mean, being that close to my house kind of freaks me out,” said Allen.

State police say the resident of the home is cooperating with them.

Some neighbors believe the shooting may have something to do with Englert's fiancee.

“They knew each other. I've seen her in there before,” said Pam Smith. “We know we've seen her in there. We know his reputation.”

“People coming and going all the time and something's going to happen one of these days over there,” said Stabley.

Kelly Kinley says her children play with the children of Englert's fiancee.

“That's my only dealing with her other than my kid going down and playing and her kids coming up here. We gave them a basketball hoop that's down there and, I don't know, it's shocking. It really is,” said Kinley.

State police are currently calling this a death investigation and say that there is no threat to the public.

So far, no charges have been filed.


  • Wait - what?

    Where has EL MA been? I’ve been suffering from insomnia and all I can do is laugh when I read Archie’s drivel. C’mon EL MA, we need another good snoozer lecture!

  • Archie Beal

    Say what you want…again the shooter needs prosecuted and firearms need to go along with the 2nd and 4th ammendments. Simple as that. Society is too far out of touch

  • Archiebald butthole

    Archie would rather see the homeowner be bludgeoned to death with an ash tray, his wife/girlfriend sexually abused and then her throat slit, and any children in the house sold into kiddie porn than a gun be used for self defense.

  • DJ

    Did anyone read about people in and out of the place all hours.
    Think people,and kid there,really.
    Missing common sence here.
    Drug issues across the counties in the area.
    Maybe you should stop judging and she been there couple different times,hmm one really might co sider he went there because he wanted to stop other shit. Hmm wait and see what the facts arr.

  • Sasquatch

    Now my comment….. That Gadsden flag flies on my porch for a reason the words DO NOT TREAD ON ME are words to live my I’ll protect my border and that’s where the grass stops and by force if need be……..

  • RicU.

    There was no “nun” here. It sounds like a justified defense until some sleazy attorney sues for “excessive force.”\

    Better 12 jurors than 6 pall bearers.

  • Archie Beal

    Totally senseless and illegal what this zealous gun but did. This is another example of why firearms need to be confiscated, destroyed and removed from society altogether. This person was shot for no reason. The shooter knew who it was and senselessly shot hit anyway. He was in no danger. This shooter needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent. These firearms need to go. Good god already!

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Now I know your pro gun posing as an anti gun idiot.

      Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law means he walks free. In the home, he is within his legal right 100%, be it a gun, baseball bat, or cast iron pan.

      I do admire your persistence though. It’s nice to see a pro gun person posing as a left wing nutbag, because that is exactly how rediculous and completely irrational they sound. Keep the joke going!

    • not again

      Again Archie? I said it last time and ill say it again; you can personally pry my guns from my cold dead hands. Eat a load Archie

    • Caeser194

      Move to England you’ll live in a gun free country,cops don’t carry,only criminals,the rich and politicians,so only criminals.

      • Archiebald butthole

        England isn’t gun free, and the police do carry firearms. Citizens (subjects?) can easily purchase long guns, but it is difficult to (legally) own a handgun.

    • Archiebald butthole

      You are wrong, all the way around. Justified, legal, and commendable. I’m going to start a Go Fund Me page for the shooter to assist with any legal expenses he might have, and to buy more ammo. He should be recognized by his community leaders for being a role model and ridding the area of a violent criminal and saving the taxpayers money.

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