Schuylkill County Celebrates First Ted Twardzik Day

SHENANDOAH -- Thursday marked the first Ted Twardzik day in Schuylkill County.

Thursday evening, dozens gathered at Girard Park in Shenandoah to honor Twardzik, who founded Mrs. T's Pierogies in 1952.

He died in November at the age of 89.

The borough decided to mark Thursday, which would have been Mr. Twardzik's 90th birthday.

"He was well appreciated, better than anyone," said Donner Baker, an employee for over 40 years.

There were pierogies for everyone to eat and a documentary about Ted Twardzik's life was shown to all in attendance in Schuylkill County.



  • potholearseholevania

    462 pierogies!
    free dentistry to all!
    welfare mothers make better loves!
    God bless the skooks & their incestors!

  • Chiggy

    Is Teddy the guy that used to chase after kids with a rake while on their 4-wheelers riding near his land on the pole line? In real short shorts. Only in Frackville.

    • Big Tiff

      He must have thought those short shorts gave him running speed. I could house two boxes of pierogies and onions right now


    Will there be Quebradita dancing competitions for the multicultural community and keg stand competitions for the natives featured in the doah for this one.

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