Mountain View Principal Charged with Theft in Susquehanna County

HARFORD TOWNSHIP -- An elementary school principal in Susquehanna County has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing thousands from her school.

Police say the money was stolen from the school's field trip fund.

Christine Kelly, of Tunkhannock, is the principal of Mountain View Elementary in Kingsley. She was escorted by police to be fingerprinted in Montrose.

Kelly is charged with theft and suspended with pay from her job as principal.

She's accused of stealing nearly $3,000 from the sixth-grade field trip fund.

"I don't know how you could be so low to steal from little kids like that. It is a sad situation and nothing like that should ever happen," said Justin Kropa of Kingsley.

According to court papers, detectives starting investigating in May after the Mountain View School District superintendent told them money meant for a field trip to Washington D.C. was missing.

School officials told investigators that Kelly insisted on keeping the money in her office and not in the school safe.

When those officials later went to count the money that found $2,600 was missing.

"It is pretty intense, I mean, I'm glad she got caught but hopefully these kids do not suffer too badly and they get to enjoy their trip," said Kyle Hanjaras of Brooklyn.

Court papers do not indicate what Kelly may have done with the money she's accused of stealing.

She is free after posting bail.


  • Anonymous

    She insisted on keeping it in her desk?? Why was she allowed too? More going on here! And suspended with PAY? Unreal! It all smells!

  • Anonymous

    Taxpayers, are these the kind of people you want your children exposed to everyday? These are moral, upstanding, educators? Seriously??! Something seriously wrong going on in this school!

    • Anonymous

      That’s INSANE!! Get out in an uproar to a school board meeting people!! This should not be!! Sounds like they need to do some cleaning out at MV Elementary! Shameful!

    • El Ma

      For someone who made the salary that she did, taking that money doesn’t make sense. So…….all of her dirty little secrets will come out in the wash.

  • Appalled Grandma

    Wow, if she does this, what do the teachers and parapros do, that she oversees? Sickening! And suspended with pay?? Seriously!!

  • WarningFakeNews

    “said Kyle Hanjaras of Brooklyn.”

    Hey… people in our own area might have wanted to pipe in on this, too! LOL!

  • magicmikexxsm

    She was a school Principal , she must have been making good money…why steal from the kids, she’s a little heavy, but she could of been a call girl to make extra money….

  • Larry Stokes

    These people and I am encompassing, teachers, polticians, police, clergy etc., public servants, when they commit a crime they need to be held to a higher standard and prosecuted to the fullest extent in order to set an example and shoe their behavior is not going to be tolerated. They definitely need more than a slap on the wrist. They need to see jail time. Enough is enough. These people have a self proclaimed sense of entitlement and it needs to stop.

    • El Ma

      LARRY STOKES, I agree that people in positions of power and influence should absolutely be held as accountable as the next person. That this person is involved in the education of children makes her choices even more heinous – she is supposed to set the example along with everyone else who has a high-profile position, including high-paid sports figures. We should all hold ourselves up to the highest standards, but we often fail to even take that into consideration. 😦

  • El Ma

    Great. Neato. Wonderful. Kids watching their school principal taken away in handcuffs. This is superb!

    What ever happened to integrity?

    • A2B2C

      This money was discovered missing May 8. How long should she be given to pay back money she “borrowed” without permission? Is the school district her personal bank? Should she be allowed to make payments or have it deducted out of her check? Would it work that way where you’re employed? She makes more than most people in the district and took money designated for the children she’s supposed to be guiding and watching out for.. That’s not normally how a good person acts!

    • Bob Smith

      Would she pay it back? I doubt that. Her employment will be terminated! She is going to lose her state teaching certificate because of theft! And of course, ruin her reputation.

      • El Ma

        BOB SMITH, there was a time when a person’s reputation was primary. Today, a reputation isn’t as important as what the individual wants or has. Shame on this woman.

    • Anonymous

      Good people don’t steal from 6th graders!! Isn’t she paid enough from citizens tax dollars for her salary?! Seriously scum! God only knows who else us involved!

  • Lance

    Deplorable. What a waste .hope losing your job, your reputation and your freedom was worth stealing from little kids who looked up to you.

  • Anonymous

    Wow suspended with pay for theft over a thousand which is a FELONY! and people wonder why everyone says Mt view is scum

    • Bob Smith

      Leave it to school board to review this case…… Until, they can vote to terminate her. No pay. And Bad record too.

      • A2B2C

        She was allowed to keep this fund money in her desk instead of the safe or bank account and it turned up missing. Who thought that was a good idea to begin with? Why didn’t the Superintendent/School Board deal with her upon discovery May 8? Most people would have been escorted out the door right then. Seems a lot of people in charge let the school district down and have some explaining to do!

  • MMMM

    Why do these morons think they will get away with stealing? Eventually they get caught. Greed is all it is! Well good for her, I’m glad. Now she’ll be sorry. Only because she got caught!

  • Bob Smith

    UGH! Doesn’t she satisfied with her principal salary around $56,000-$71,000? Need more free money than all the needy deserves? Ashamed of yourself!

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