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Shot Fired During Bar Fight in Scranton

SCRANTON -- Police are investigating after a gun went off at a bar in Scranton.

Police showed up just after midnight to Nipper's Bar on South Main Avenue. The bar manager told police there was a scuffle and a gun went off. No one was hit.

A woman was taken away in handcuffs.

There's still no word on what led to that fight.


    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      So you say it’s located in Taylor and you live next door to nippers and it’s located in Taylor?

  • Debbie DeWalt

    Tell me this Im looking at fb page n someone threatens to kill someone. How do i know if hes for real or just blowing off steam n how do i report it if it is real?

  • Archie Beal

    When is enough? Firearms need to be removed from society. All you aholes keep proclaiming guns aren’t the problem. I certainly beg to differ. I challenge yo idiots to show one example as to where any good comes from possessing them. All the stories in the media about firearms is negative. The common denominator of all the problems is guns. Wake up people they need to go and be ridded from society. This day and age continuously proves society is not responsible enough to retain the privilege to bear arms. You certainly don’t see problems like this in countries where the government has the total control of the firearms. It is time this country begins to learn by example.

    • Mildred Seabrook

      If your so bothered by our rights to bear arms as Americans please by all means relocate yourself to one of these other lovely countries you speak of. ✌️

      • Doesn't exist

        He would like to but he knows they don’t exist for real – only in his made up utopia where Klan members break bread with African-Americans, Muslims sing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ to homosexuals, and Hillary Clinton is The Queen.

    • One example

      One example – From nbcphiladelphia dot com: The robber threatened the man who repeatedly warned him that he had a concealed gun, investigators said. The robber ignored the man’s warnings and continued to move toward him with the knife, according to officials. Police say the man then opened fire and shot the man once in the leg. Care to hear more, or will you just go away now?

    • Put up or shut up

      What countries would those be, Archie? Name one country that has been successful with totalitarian gun confiscation and has had ‘zero’ gun violence after the fact? Time to show your cards, put up or shut up.

    • Aqualung

      You are so full of shite I can smell you through my screen. Do children run the other way when they see you coming? Do aisle clerks close their registers when you get in their line? Does the pizza delivery guy tell you to just leave the money under a rock so he doesn’t have to interact with you? Guns are NEVER going away, but fortunately some day – you will.

  • Bob Smith

    I think why that lady who fired her gun. She must have shot up the ceiling to get them to stop the fight. Fool! Not just Scranton. It’s Everywhere including black owned bars do fight too.

    • Kim Kilonsky

      This actually happened in Taylor not Scranton. I live next door to this bar. It is under new ownership. Have never had trouble there before now.

  • Lloyd schmucatelli

    Isn’t that cute!! Look at Scranton trying to act all “Wilkes-Barre”, now that schools back in session!

    Lawn chair + popcorn = watching world burn

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