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Latinos React to President Trump’s Pardon of Joseph Arpaio

HAZLETON -- "I’ll make a prediction. I think he's gonna be just fine,” said President Donald Trump.

Those were the reassuring words from President Trump at a rally in Arizona just days before he pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former Arizona sheriff convicted of criminal contempt for defying a federal judge's order to stop racial profiling.

In Hazleton, Latino leaders including Amilcar Arroyo say a move like this cannot be overlooked.

“It is a slap in the face to the Hispanic-American people,” said Arroyo of Hazleton.

Arroyo is the editor of a Spanish language newspaper. He emigrated from Peru to the United States when he was 40 years old.

Arroyo worries what a pardon like this could mean for the future of Latino-Americans.

“What’s next if President Trump pardons Arpaio? Is there going to be more racism again? Are police going to stop me because I am Latino?” said Arroyo.

With more than 15,000 Latinos living in Hazleton, Arroyo says the decision to pardon the sheriff by President Trump could alienate the community.

“Recognize that we deserve respect from the president. We are a growing community in this country,” said Arroyo.

Some people in Hazleton don't see a problem with the pardon.

“When Clinton went ahead and pardoned the lad that had more offenses against him than anybody in the country, I think he (Trump) should have one of a minor problem,” said Jack Zaylskus of Hazleton.

“I like what Trump does for this country. Some of it is eyebrow raising, but for the most part, Trump is good for the country,” said Joseph Rapach of Hazleton.

Newswatch 16 reached out to Congressman Lou Barletta, the former mayor of Hazleton. So far, his office has not returned our request for comment on the pardon.


  • Are you kidding!?!

    Either this country is about it’s citizens or, it is not. Look at Europe, if Trump was not elected, that is what the Democrats wanted for the rest of us. GO JOE!*.
    *Not to be confused with a bike riding weatherman or a toy doll.

    • Jeff Woehrle

      If Sheriff Joe had been locking up white Donald Trump voters, the liberal tears would be few.

      Another win for Trump, and another loss for liberalism. And a loss for liberalism is a win for America. Always.

  • trucker

    A search for Amilcar Arroyo shows up in Al Jezeera and NPR among other fake news sites. He sounds like a DNC or LaRaza activist.
    No mention that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was denied a jury trial. Western PA’s own Hagmanreport has actual news on the pardon.

    • get informed

      Arpaio was found in contempt of court following an investigation started by Bush Administration– contempt is not a jury trial situation.

    • Conservative tears

      “Real news” to you is clearly news that tells you what you want to hear. Go to the public records of these events and prove (yes you can do that) that NPR is “fake” and then come back. Just saying something doesn’t make it true in the adult world. That’s why we have truck scales…

  • Rich

    And another thing, who is this “latino community leader” Aryro? I thought Hazleton is ONE community. I also thought the mayor is the “community leader”?

  • Rich

    How much crime did he prevent/ How many lives did he save? How many arrests took place? You will never hear that. Only that he is “racist” That word is being used like “witch” during the salem which hunts.
    Look if a police offices stops me, I have nothing to hide. Stop the whining. !!!

    • Conservative tears

      That’s not what Arpaio did. Let’s say that the police in Charlottesville decided to arrest every one of the Nazis protesting because “some are likely to be criminals or have records or maybe it will just stop a future crime.” That is not how this country works — that is how a dictatorship works. Is that what you want?

    • Conservative tears

      The division that is destroying this country and from which you take pleasure is not some high school football game. There are no sides here — just a dying country in need of adult discussions where there can be nuance and compromise. We are not number 1 in much of anything anymore that matters, except as the laughing stock of the world. I as a sometimes conservative, sometimes liberal etc welcome disagreement and discourse but not name-calling or conflict for conflict’s sake. I got over that in third grade and would invite you to do the same.

  • Lance

    Im part hispanic but my grandparents came here legally. Learned English paid taxes and the proudest thing they did was to become citizens. Sheriff Joe went after illegals. If you are here legally you have nothing to fear. But a man enforcing the law should not be punished for political expediency . The President did nothing wrong. Especially after we saw wholesale pardons under Obama.

  • Tell it like it is

    I love it when the left wing liberal Trump haters scream and squeal about Sheriff Arpaio`s pardon. Not a word from the left when Obama pardons Chelsea Manning convicted of espionage and other crimes and the U.S. and sentenced to 35 yrs and serves only seven, or when Clinton pardons Marc Rich who was on the FBI`s ten most wanted list for tax evasion and 65 other counts but fled the Country to avoid prosecution or Obama`s pardon of the Black Chicago Cubs player for tax evasion, now that was certainly not a racial act. Pres. Trump pardons a man who was a victim of a political witch hunt for doing what he was sworn to do, enforcing the law, and he is labeled a racist. Liberals hate anyone and anything that does not fit their sick agenda.

    • Look in the Mirror

      You’ll never take the time to look at the fundamental truths of what Manning exposed. They were mainly about the torture and killing of innocent Iraqis. Manning exposed the ugly truth of this illegal, meaningless and immoral invasion by Bush. This is 180 degrees different than a criminal sheriff who deeply violated the basic civil rights of citizens here at home — exactly the whole concept of your right-wing cries of “don’t tread on me”. Imagine a sheriff took your gun or demanded you prove you are a citizen just because you looked Polish….Today it was “them” , tomorrow it will be you — and who will be there to protect you? That my friend is what fascism looks like.

    • Tell it like it is

      Not to left wing liberals it`s not. They accept responsibility for nothing, Law to them is a deterrent to doing whatever they want.

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        If you really respected the law, you’d support the criminal charges against Arpaio… otherwise you’re a hypocrite.

  • lookback

    If a dog barks, a bird chirps, a horn blows or a cat meows is anyone surprised, of course not, so when trump issues a pardon to a racist in order to pander to his racist base why would anyone be surprised, he is what he is and has always been and will forever be, a racist. Actually it is a good thing, normally rats cower and hide in the daytime and come out when it gets dark, however now that trumps vermin feel it is safe for them to come out in the day light we real Americans can see them for the vile creatures they are and there are plenty of remedies available to rid this great country of the diseased animals that call themselves trumpers.

    • CeeMe

      You need to grow up, thinking everyone who disagrees with you, is a racist. Very close-minded thinking and intolerant. The only rats I see cowering in the dark, are illegals.

      • lookback

        Nah, trumps rats come out in the day, they are afraid of the dark, afraid of facts, afraid of standing up for their country, afraid of anyone that doesn’t look just like them. Trumps base supports the pardon of a vile racist convict, you guys would support a child molester if your father figure told you to. Open your eyes and mind, you support a racist, a sexual predator, a draft dodger, a vulgar self serving Park Avenue billionaire and actually believe he is just like you, well he counts on it and will laugh as he bends you all over and gives you the shaft. If trump had been of age during WW2 he would have been one of those wearing a Nazi uniform and trying to kill your grand father, by supporting trump you let your country down and you spit on the graves of our veterans. Now since you hate our country so much, GET OUT and take the orange racist with you, we’ll close the door when you’re gone and good riddance.

    • Tell it like it is

      We are by now, since you vile, evil left wing liberal open border Soros funded one world order Trump haters showed your true colors after loosing your law breaking candidate`s election campaign while trying to sell off our Country, or whats left of it after eight years of Obama and his racist administration, (Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, Baltimore, Boston where not ONE conviction was ever handed down, never the less the cops were persecuted) and you sorry people have the audacity and nerve to call others racist?! I truly do not know what planet you people come from. A justice department that was in collusion, an IRS that targeted people who were not left wing liberals, an FBI that looked the other way when classified information was destroyed and hidden in the basement of a woman who lied to Congress and the FBI and to the American people when she ignored pleas for help from an Embassy under siege, an Attorney General who met with the husband of a woman under investigation before a decision was even rendered, married to a disbarred husband who was impeached for having sex in the oval office and lied on National TV (“I did not have sex with that woman”) who together collected billions of dollars under a bogus charitable organization from foreign governments who expected favors in return and have yet to be investigated and made deals with the Russian Government even meeting with the Russian Ambassador and then had the audacity to accuse the Trump administration of doing the same without so much as a shred of evidence and I could go on and on but whats the use, all the while ignoring the terrorists threats that were known about (Boston bomber, Fort Hood shooting, Airplane shoe bomber, and not one word of criticism from the left wing liberal media. Liberals accept responsibility for nothing. You can`t make this stuff up. Sad name calling sorry bunch of losers that are determined to destroy our Country.

      • lookback

        Yeah right, no one but you and you alone ever heard about those instances, sure it is the liberal media conspiracy and Soros conspiracy to promote democracy around the world, something trumps lemmings just can’t stand. Come on admit it, you hate our freedoms, hate our liberty, hate our country and long for the day when you have a dear leader to tell you what to think, how to think and who to worship, I get it, the childish mind wants direction, wants to follow others, is afraid of anything different and wants daddy to tell them it is all right, now wipe that snotty nose kid and grow up.

    • Tell it like it is

      I was thinking the same thing about you and the liberals. Quiet and hiding like rats in the basement when Obama is in charge and everything is going the way you want it but the minute things don`t go your way and a true American leader stands up tells the truth, the vile, the noise, the anarchy, the violence the crying and whining the slander and false charges the lies and all the rest of what your sorry misplaced sick kind believe in you immediately call all those who don`t agree with your sick and vile agenda names. You are buying into all the rhetoric and spin and garbage the media has been shoving down your throat for so many years your afraid to think for yourself. Trump supporters are true Americans who finally have had enough of the liberal blame game and sent someone down to D.C. to clean out the swamp and the leeches. Hopefully the momentum can spread out across the states and get rid of the rest of the racists and perverts and snot nosed college kid progressives and Marxists socialists professors that fill their heads with the lefts garbage. There is yet a chance we can get rid of all those race based, lying worthless swamp creatures who cater to special interests and races and sex perverts and drain the swamp. Silence my friend is the trademark of Trump voters, you had no idea you were going to loose and neither did your vile candidates.

    • Robert

      LOL, Get out in caps? Another wackadoodle snowflake having a melt down. I don’t think you have a clue what racist is.
      So, who’s army have you served in? Or perhaps your upset the new executive order prohibits you from joining?
      Whatever, I recommend therapy, your nuts!

  • JD

    “slap in the face?” Letting any illegal alien into this country is a “slap in the face” to people who immigrate “legally” and to those who are born here! People of all nationalities come here both legally and illegally. The effing race card is way overplayed! If you don’t break the law, then you shouldn’t be worried.

    • look in the mirror

      Wow – you are scary and wholly Un-American. So we shouldn’t require search warrants — by your logic we should let the police or other government agencies break down the door to your house whenever they want because obviously if you have nothing to hide why should you care??? The Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves.

      • rovena

        Instead of name calling look at the free services given to illegals that we pay for. And they make more demands, can’t speak English or respect our traditions. Taxpayers of all races and ethnic groups are fed up . And demonstrations such as in Hazleton based on race are outrageou and ‘un American.”

      • look in the mirror

        Rovena. Sorry but you are wrong.The IRS estimates that 75% of undocumented workers pay income taxes and the SSA says that 8 billion a year are paid into SSA by “illegals” — money they will never see. Even the Texas State comptroller admits that illegals ADD about 18 billion dollars to the state budget. Plenty of good ol Americans on the dole, as well as trillions in corporate welfare to Boeing, Lockheed etc etc but you could care less. Thumbs done all day for all I care — that’s the truth.

      • CeeMe

        Go away. We’re not talking about searches here. People are comparing apples and oranges and being ridiculous. I was being flip and have lots of faith in our police, country and systems.

      • Tell it like it is

        Talk about unAmerican, I do not think you know what being being an American entails. All you want are Soros sponsored one world order open borders and free government handouts for people who break the law. How can you possibly believe IRS (a political tool of Obama), figures when most is illegals use stolen SS numbers to get a job in the first place. The mere audacity and arrogance of a people who ignore our immigration law, sneak across the border even going so far as to send children without their parents, commit crimes, work for half the going rates of pay, while their own Country is failing and come here for no other reason than economic benefits with pregnant woman sneaking into the Country for hospital care and taking advantage of a loophole in the law that makes their children born here legal, ahead of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world waiting in line and then DEMAND that we change our laws to accommodate them. They would not dare to do that in their own Country let alone any other. As far as Joe Apairo is concerned, he was located on the border where the first line of defense is against coyotes, drug smugglers and criminals were flooding into the Country hiding in “safe houses” till they could spread across the Country to take advantage of our freedoms, liberty, and benefits, doing a job the Obama and left wing liberals who want to change our Country failed to do. He was the public target and political football of the left wing Obama administration and deserved to be pardoned. If we follow your line of reasoning of emotional left wing slobber, we wont have a Country to call America.

    • CeeMe

      Hispanics think they’re the only immigrants that matter. Shows their true colors and purpose for being here.

    • Tell it like it is

      To the rate of over a million a year legally and take the oath after learning the Constitution.

  • ain'ta or no

    The pardon was proper. Obama and a4z demo made him a fall guy for their pro illegal immigrant agendas. Too bad he wouldn’t come out of retirement and get a job in Luzerene. As of now, it’s almost like a sanctuary city. I’m all for immigrants that follow the process, as they tend to not be a problem. It’s folks with no connection/documentation, that can commit crimes, get deported and then return over and over.

    • look in the mirror

      Wrong. 1) The investigation of Arpaio was started by the Bush Administration. Get your facts straight. 2) The question here has NOTHING to do with immigration. It has to do with whether or not we have a Constitution. I suppose you are fine with a cop coming into your car or house and taking your guns from just because you are Catholic or a Republican or wear sunglasses or whatever. The current president then agrees and pardons him. Wake up — this is what the American Revolution was fought for.

      • CeeMe

        The Obama administration and so-called Justice Department, started this witch hunt. They want everything involving non-whites to be a “hate crime.” When the dictator said he wanted “to change the face of America,” he meant it literally and that is what he did for a bunch of losers, because how dare white descendants of European immigrants think this is their country! The only ones who couldn’t read between the lines, were stupid white people.

      • CeeMe

        Yes, some illegals pay taxes they won’t benefit from, but that is their choice . Many also work under the table and even legal immigrants pay less taxes, because they aren’t complete citizens yet. They also get low cost loans to start their own businesses with tax breaks for seven years. Why do you think so many of them have businesses? Because they’re so hard working? Why don’t Americans get those breaks? Try not paying your full tax amount and watch what happens. You need to wise up.

    • look in the mirror

      I’ll love to see your reaction when a president pardons a so-called “law-enforcement” officer for taking your guns away because he didn’t like your looks. People like you can’t see past your racism to see that this has removed the very cornerstone of law and order in this country and his action is one of a dictator.

  • Givemeabreak

    The problem I have with this is that police have a job to enforce the law not decide which laws or make up their own to enforce. Do I want illegal Invaders here? No. Do I want the police force going rogue and doing whatever they feel like? No. Policeman are not above the law and do not get to do what they deem fair or just. That’s what judges are for. No to that slippery slope.

  • Anywhere but there

    I’m glad someone told the Hispanic (not white) sheople how to “react” , they really don’t care.

  • June Arnold

    Stop and think folks, years back our grandparents and great grandparents were immigrants. Remember when the polish and slavish were called hunkies. it wasn’t nice and didn’t feel right. How about the Irish, they were called names too. it didn’t feel good to them either. Neither does it feel good to the Hispanic population as well. We all are immigrants, this land belonged to the Native Americans. We came in here and stole it from them. Use your head, learn some history before you point fingers. Stop fearing what you don’t know. I don’t live in the coal region anymore, but in the Lehigh Valley where the Hispanic population is larger than what you have in Hazleton. Get to really know them, you might find yourself changing your mind. There are many educated and friendly people. After all we are ALL God’s children.

    • rovena

      Our grandparents were respectful, learned the language without demands, no entitlements…they worked. Legal immigrants are welcome. Illegal are not. So don’t make it sound like todays illegals are like past immigrants.

      • look in the mirror

        Wrong. Past immigrants had good and bad people. Present immigrants have good and bad people. Current immigrants include doctors and engineers who save your lives everyday and build this countries defense systems (something native Americans can’t do because they don’t want to go to school and work that hard — prefer coal mines). Past immigrants were responsible for plenty of crime (think the Mafia etc of all differing groups) and finally you can find plenty of grandparents in NEPA who still don’t speak English fluently. You can “thumbs down” all you want but it’s true.

    • ain'ta or no

      The Irish and Italians didnt crwate or join ms 13? This is not the same. Different times. Stop comparing the world today to a world over 200 years ago.

    • Writer Girl

      You’re a hot dog, who knows nothing about history and has swallowed the hype, hook, line and sinker. The so-called Native Americans, were the original squatters. Civilization started on the other side of the world. Ever hear of the walk across ice? Yes, names and attitudes hurt, but we’re talking about people here illegally, not true immigrants. We’re talking about all we have to pay for their kid’s education, incarceration, welfare and more. Do you think they’d do the same for you? They wouldn’t. What makes these creeps think they are above our laws and it’s our obligation to provide them with a good life? Then they have the nerve to demand things from us. Who can respect these people? Americans need to get a brain or why don’t you and your kind pay double for them? Put your money where your mouth is .

      • Writer Girl

        P.S. This isn’t the 1700-1800 anymore. We are a country with borders and laws and we have our own people to help. Jesus wouldn’t condone people doing things illegally, anyway.

  • Bob Calvey

    Federal laws say if you are in the country illegally you should be sent back there are lawful ways to become legal a lot of people are doing it the right way what gives you the right to come here illegal and then complain when you get sent back

  • Even Mexico defends their borders, why is it racist when we do it?

    Joe Arpaio is a patriot that protected Americans by upholding the law. There is no proof that he singled out people because of their race, liberals are just mad that he was doing his job and not letting illegals get a free pass.

  • Writer Girl

    “We deserve respect from the president.” Why? Because you’re so special compared to other immigrants and American citizens??? This country deserves respect, also, and its laws and ways, respected, too. There is nothing racist about our laws. If you don’t like it here, go back to Peru.

  • rovena

    McCain said “no one is above the law.” Why didnt the report mention that McCain support illegals. What a hypocrite the senator is.

  • bobbi

    Sheriff Joe enforced immigration laws that Obama, in violation of his oath of office to enforce law, refused to enforce. Obama’s Administration went after the Sheriff and announced it right before his election. You won’t hear that on the anti Trump station in NE PA! This reporter should be ashamed to let editors force such one-sided stories.

  • Robinske2

    The Sheriff is a Korean war vet and dedicated nearly his entire life to public service. He enforced the law and worked to keep criminals out of the US, sending many of them back to their home nation. If the Latinos trying to gin up hatred came here legally, they should be a supporter of the sheriff.

  • Michael Montagna

    I wonder if the two people interviewed were white or someone who would most likely not be profiled. And I have to say its not just Latinos are minorities who have to worry, it could be a poor person with a beat p car, a guy with long hair, someone with tattoos. Maybe the police can now park out side of a bar or a reception hall.
    In any case this was the wrong time to do this. This seems to be a payback to the judicial system for putting the breaks on his immigration ban.

    • Robert

      I don’t think its payback Michael. I don’t think its political either. I think it’s Trumps way of communicating his sense of justice. Part of my problem with the former sheriffs conviction comes on the heals of the supreme courts ruling Utah v. Strieff. Basically it relates to police the contacting a person without probable cause for no other reason than (my example) saying, “Good Morning”. Then during the ensuing conversation discover the contacted person maybe breaking the law, and generated probable cause resulting in an arrest. The sheriffs employees were well schooled in this and resulted in the federal governments (under Obama) investigation to rule it profiling. Which it very well may be, however is 100% legal as determined under Utah v. Strieff. Now to me the interesting part of all this is the foundation of our legal system. A system under the concept of Jurisprudence. How to differentiate between Gods law and mans Law and how our constitution of We the People is to be interpreted. In concept you as a citizen are the employer and the government the employee. It is NOT a requirement of the employee to inform the employer of the rules. It is the job of the employer (WE THE PEOPLE/ YOU) to know the rules and hold the employee (The Government) to them!!!
      If you as the employer are derelict in your duties then your employees will most defiantly run amok and ruin your business. And that is exactly what we have here!!!! Sorry for the rant, I hope it helps.

    • Writer Girl

      White people get pulled over, too. Cops can sit outside a bar, if they suspect illegal activity, like drugs. Illegal is illegal, whether people or something else. Non-whites need to get over themselves, if they want to live here. Not everything is about them and racism. That’s just an excuse for their guilty conscience, since so many are here illegally. The media interviewed, who they interviewed and who were likely available at the time they were recording. Wouldn’t it be something if they interviewed a Hispanic and he agreed with Pres. Trump? Unlikely, but a reasonable person. Trump is good for this country. All of us, not just a select group. Get it now, Mikey?

      • Robert

        Actually cops can’t sit outside of a bar, its called entrapment. I also believe all reasonable Latino immigrants will be very quiet as they hope the narrative here will just go away and they can move about their community without scrutiny.

      • El Ma

        ROBERT, they cannot sit within a certain distance of a bar or tavern, but they sure can sit one foot beyond that limit if they wish.

        This headline and article was absolutely going to fuel more b.s. talk of “racism,” and it has become SO tiresome. The minute people stop referring to race, the minute the whole race-card issue will go up like a puff of smoke.

        Morgan Freeman for President.

  • Robert

    So police aren’t supposed to identify the persons they contact when probable cause exists, or traffic stops? That’s not profiling that’s doing your job. Anybody notice all of a sudden Canada is touting itself as a nation of laws, after the recent rush of immigrants headed north? Learn English, get a job and try….I’ll be the first in line to help you or your family. I’ll also be the first in line to show system gamers the southern door out of this country. I’m also very aware of the history of Mexico and its relationship with the USA. I’m aware of the egregious behavior of our government at times on towards the hard working families from Mexico. It is the one’s that come here not to work that I have a problem with.
    As far as Mr. Arroyo is concerned I think he is a POS, and making money from very poor hard working people. The Mexican version of Al Sharpton if you will.

  • Conroy

    Sheriff Arpaio’s got a kid arrested and sent to prison for 4 years for attempted murder with a bomb. It turned out that Sheriff Arpaio planted the bomb and all the evidence to make a conviction against the kid, and boost Arpaio’s image.

    He also set up tent City prisons for Mexicans that he himself referred to as “concentration camps” where people suffered horrible conditions.

    Also He planted cameras in private areas in direct defiance of a judge’s order, including one in a women’s restroom.

    I could go on, there’s a lot more terrible things he’s done and i would cite my sources but to you people anything that goes against the new fascist narrative is fake news so I won’t bother.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      The new facist narrative??? Hahaha oh my fn god!!

      You liberals are something, Always the masters of spin.

    • Robert

      ROFLMAO, where the devil do you come up with this crap? You found it on the internet so it must be true?
      I’m pressing the BUTTON! Your headed to Hollywood dude!!

    • Alfredo

      the time, Saville was completing an 18-month sentence for inciting a race riot and attempting to blow up Maryvale High School. Only 18 months for trying to blow up a school. If he had not met the undercover detective he never would have been arrested. Perhaps this kid should have went to the warden when his family was threatened. But no, he tried to kill Joe instead.

    • Tom J.

      State your sources for these accusations. You’re nothing but a liar. Your fascist comment as to why you won’t state your sources is BS. That’s the same tired old response when you have no argument. Arpaio set up tent cities for ALL prisoners. The tent cities accept the overflow in Maricopa county which is a very populous county. He did not plant any evidence and he never put any camera in any private place. He enforced the law as it is supposed to be and the sheriffs department here was very well run. Arpaio is twice the man you’ll ever be. In his recent trial where he was found guilty, the judge who found him guilty was an obama appointee who denied him a jury trial. And as far as sources go, I lived outside of Maricopa county for several years.

    • El Ma

      …..”private areas?” Oh, my…………sounds naughty, to me.

      For crying out loud, before anyone goes around screaming and wailing about this pardon or that one, take a look at the statistics for how many people Obama pardoned. In March of 2016, Obama’s total was up to 248 individuals and 92 of those people were serving Life sentences.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    This pardon is mort likely a result of Arpaio being railroaded for his over the top handling of the prison.

    Another flawless move by Trump and another attempt by WNEP to smear him.

    Sorry, I’ve done enough LSD in college to be able to see through 99% of most bullshit presented to me in life….

    • Michael Montagna

      I don’t know could be, but from what I have read he did wrong and was even warned but said he would continue. No reguards for the Constitution, thats not like CONSERVATIVES OR IS IT? Maybe you should not have been doing that LSD!

      • El Ma

        MICHAEL MOTAGNA, you are a youngster and you do not have a personal frame of reference of how things were when you were still in diapers. EASE UP and learn your history, first. Read up on some political matters and do your best to find a neutral source of information. In this way, you’ll be able to make a conscientious, informed, and erudite opinion that is based upon fact, rather than feelings.

  • AAORD11

    So Trump pardons a guy trying to keep his community safe and gets crap for it, but Obama pardons Manning for compromising national security and that is praised? Probably because he is transgender and that fits the media and left’s narrative. Gotta love the double standard.

    • Michael Montagna

      Correct me if I am wrong Manning was sentenced and did serve time, so basically he/she did get punished. This Sherri ff never serve anytime, besides what he did too, can have an effect on you.

      • TRKRGR

        no Michael, Manning was sentenced to 35 yrs of confinement and Barry let him off the hook……..actually Barry pardoned 212 criminals and a gave a total of 1,715 commutations, 504 of them which were life sentences. And they’re bitching about Trumps first? Go Trump!! He’s doing a great job Making America Great Again

    • Michael Montagna

      So, then you would think it would be alright for the police not to have to get a court order to bust into your house, rip it apart looking for something? Or pull you over when your driving and do the same. How about they just come in and take a blood test or wiretap your phone. Would that be ok.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Funny liberals have their panties all wadded up because Trump pardons an 85 year old guy because a liberal justice system had a vendetta against him, because he followed the law locking up illegal alien latino’s and mexicans…but not a word from said liberals when Clinton Pardons Mark Rich, and Obama pardon drug dealer, and lets terrorist out of gitmo only to go back and fight against our troops…where was the out rage then???? take you phoney outrage and cram it.

  • magicmikexxsm

    Amilcar Arroyo is a fool, you want to know what’s wrong with Hazleton now, I have 15,000 of them….now Mr. Amilcar, since your brown skinned fellow Latin Americans are crossing our borders illegally who do you think the cops, and not just Joe Arpaio are going to stop and talk to on the streets??????? white christian red haired Irish people….not that they can’t come here illegally either, but it’s a little easier for your kind to just walk across the border and stay, taking from our fed and state system….I hate to tell you Amilcar Arroyo your kind are ruining this country, and if you haven’t figured that out yet…then we can’t help you….

    • CeeMe

      Yes, and I’ve heard many Hispanics will become “culturized,” but not become “Anglocanized,” because they always want to keep their Hispanic culture. That is the difference between them and immigrants of the past. So entitled and pompous and so willing to abandon their own countries instead of change it for the better. Bunch of losers we don’t need. Be afraid for future generations, unless we have another Civil War we win.

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