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Police: Teen Robbed at Gunpoint in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE — A teenager had a scary run in on the street in Wilkes-Barre.

Police say three men jumped out of a car near the intersection of Hanover and Church Streets Monday night.

They pointed their guns at the 17-year-old and forced him to hand over his belongings.


  • Archie Beal

    All you clowns that claim “you carry”….would sh*t your pants if faced with the situation to actually utilize it. This is the issue we as a society face and the reason why all firearms need to be confiscated, destroyed and the 2nd ammendment abolished. All because of the mentality you idiots possess. I guarantee if if some big nigger had a gun shoved in your face you tough talking fools wouldn’t have a clue. Grow up.

    • Andrew Wisniewski

      We are free men, if something is in existence we should have access to it, Power to the people, Power to the Protestors, whether they are Nazi, rascist or believe they are doing right, white black, everyone, It is a shame that suchh an object of fear is so easy to get ahold of, but it would be an even bigger shame if it was exclusive to military and law enforcement. so before you go around Saying the “n” word, and calling people cowards, maybe you should be the one who “grows up” and by that i mean see the big picture.

  • Jared



    A priest a rabbi and a minister .

    All offending parties were wearing black.

    One black smart phone was dropped, please turn into lost and found for a reward.

    Car was black.

    Guns were black.

  • G

    No one is doing nothing? Then someone must be doing something……we all think we can handle being in a gunfight when confronted. How do you think this would have turned out if the young man pulled a gun? Probably several people dead, including him. What belongings did they get from a 17 year old? Pretty serious risk, all three brandishing guns to hold up a 17 year old. Like B said, how about a description of these three, or at least one of them? Make of car? I guess the police have all that in their report. Let’s hope they catch them.

    • It's coming back around

      Sure you do. Everyone claims to carry but everyone is still falling victim. Update Pennsylvania is a stand your ground state, and still no one is doing nothing

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