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Police: Teen Robbed at Gunpoint in Wilkes-Barre

WILKES-BARRE — A teenager had a scary run in on the street in Wilkes-Barre.

Police say three men jumped out of a car near the intersection of Hanover and Church Streets Monday night.

They pointed their guns at the 17-year-old and forced him to hand over his belongings.


  • Jared



    A priest a rabbi and a minister .

    All offending parties were wearing black.

    One black smart phone was dropped, please turn into lost and found for a reward.

    Car was black.

    Guns were black.

  • G

    No one is doing nothing? Then someone must be doing something……we all think we can handle being in a gunfight when confronted. How do you think this would have turned out if the young man pulled a gun? Probably several people dead, including him. What belongings did they get from a 17 year old? Pretty serious risk, all three brandishing guns to hold up a 17 year old. Like B said, how about a description of these three, or at least one of them? Make of car? I guess the police have all that in their report. Let’s hope they catch them.

    • It's coming back around

      Sure you do. Everyone claims to carry but everyone is still falling victim. Update Pennsylvania is a stand your ground state, and still no one is doing nothing

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